Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance Prototyping

The goal of Leverage is to empower citizens of Philadelphia to use campaign finance data when making informed decisions about who they donate to, who they support, and who they vote for.

The foundation of Leverage is the campaign finance data published by the City of Philadelphia. We will apply some machine learning techniques to the data to pull out trends and patterns. Finally, we add a layer of simple visualization on top of the analyzed data, allowing any citizen to consume and understand how candidates are funded.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Empower citizens to make informed…
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Who Won Philly Maintaining

Tim Wisniewski wrote an election scraper with Kimono and a html page to display live election results scraped from http://phillyelectionresults.com/.

Kevin Clough wrote a node scraper based on Nightmare(https://github.com/segmentio/nightmare) to poll the last modified date of the page, scrape and cache the results as necessary.

Scraper:http://git.kclough.me/kclough/nodeelectionscraper WhoWon Front End: github.com/timwis/whowon

Live Results can be viewed here: (based off of test data for now) https://twitter.com/timwis/status/600795295144910848

 Public Site  Developers