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Unlock Philly Update #13

We'll be at "Complete Parks: A discussion on ensuring our public spaces are accessible to people of all ages and abilities"

"As part of LOVE Your Park Week, please join us for a lively forum to discuss how accessible parks and innovative programming can directly contribute to the health and well-being for citizens of all ages and abilities."

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Posted on by James Tyack

Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Ignite Philly 15 -- Best Civic Hacking Shoutout

The most bicycled street in all of Philadelphia is Spring Garden Street, at least according to CyclePhilly, the mobile app built by civic hackers at Code for Philly. The Spring Garden Street Greenway team quoted that data as they explained why and how they wanted to beautify the dilapidated and dangerous street that cuts across the whole city. (Twenty-one percent of all crashes on Spring Garden involve bikes, they said.) Their plan is to make the street not life-threateningly scary.

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Philly Drink Tax Update #2

Google Doc for Tax Facts, logos, links, etc:

Posted on by Mike Thomas

YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #5


At tonight's meet we started the app. Got a team going; Bob and Aiden pair programmed initial architecture, created a github repository, populated the repo with initial webpages, set up an email account ( We're off and running!

Posted on by Michiko Diby

Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Update #49

CyclePhilly Datasets

These datasets reflect CyclePhilly trips that were mappable to DVRPC's Open Street Map facility network from May through October, 2014 (6 months; 8,340 individual trips by 220 unique CyclePhilly users). CyclePhilly trip data was processed and snapped to the nearest road or trail segment using a special algorithm so that total volumes by segment could be calculated and compared (some facilities—particularly park trails—may not be in the mapped network; CyclePhilly data for these segments is not shown). Note that the CyclePhilly trips do not reflect all bicycling in the city and region; CyclePhilly users' trip patterns may not reflect those of all cyclists. Trip ends (origin/destination) have been 'fuzzed' to protect users' privacy, so true start and stop locations are obscured in these datasets. A data dictionary and ReadMe are included within each ZIP file.

Posted on by Corey Acri

Ward Leader Baseball Cards Racial math more complicated for Latino community

Metrics from Ward Leader Baseball Cards informed a analysis on mayoral candidate endorsements:

Here’s an example: Supporters of State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams’ campaign for mayor were more than a little peeved when a group of ward leaders and elected officials known as the Northwest Coalition endorsed Kenney for mayor. Williams and the Northwest Coalition members are African American. Kenney is white.

Here’s a key difference: a group of computer whizzes known as Code for Philly this month ranked the city’s Democratic ward leaders based on their history of turning out voters.

The Northwest Coalition ward leaders were in the top five for turnout. The LUPE ward leaders were in the bottom five.

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