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PennApps 2015

PennApps - a huge student hackathon run by the University of Pennsylvania right here in Philly - is looking for mentors. In addition, this year they've added a Civic Hacking route!

PennApps 2015 will take place over Labor Day weekend this year. Code for Philly will be speaking about civic hacking on Friday evening, and we encourage all our members who're interested to join in by being a mentor. Take a look at the site and signup form for more information.

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Latest Project Activity

Spencer Snygg Update #11

A lot of cool stuff. We are well on the way to making an alpha launch of the question section in Philadelphia and allentown, PA on October 1st. We could really make use of anyone who can help integrate Google's Civic API or who knows anything about Open Civid Data ID's. We can also use help on the next stages of development - the learn about section and the user forum.

We just applied for a grant which would be awesome if we won.

To help with explaining the question part of the website to potential donors, we made a video:

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #17

Another awesome night at code for Philly. The Big news – Yadaguru has received a grant from Code For Philly to help us with the launch!
This is maadddd exciting.

We’re going to get t-shirts and some kind of promotion materials for parents and kids to spread the word about yadaguru. We’re planning to do our launch sometime in October at a city school. Thanks CFP!

As always it is the fantastic melding of minds that feels so good at CFP. Tonight I met with K who engaged me in challenging conversation that helped me to get ultimate clarity around our what Yadaguru does, succinctly, and how we are really different from what’s out there. I was encouraged by the Votewise crew who are able to describe Votewise in one sentence. So K helped me think about that too. I met M who is a medical editor and will help edit our FAQs and reminders for grammatical correctness and flow. And I met C who made me realize that we need a persona-out our key user. I met K who is a high school student and will give us feedback on the app and that’s exciting.
So, an incredibly insightful night with brilliant people!

Rich McMillen Philly Bike Coalition Survey App Update #5

August 2015 - Development and testing continues on. Rich and Roy have been adding features to the web portal that survey admins can use for reporting.

Current Needs: - Anyone interested in helping with our HTML5 + Cordova mobile apps. We're on the last stretch of tweaks and bug fixes as we want to start our next beta testing round. - Anyone interested in helping with our Django/Python + bootstrap enabled web portal - used for survey management and reporting.

…. note - Any experience levels welcome. Rich (who's typing this) has been learning Python over the past two months for the first time.

If you want to get in touch, email Rich at any time! (rmcmillen50 AT gmail DOT come). If you want to poke around more, check out our github repository linked above.



Mike Bok Septa Next Bus Update #13

Been working on in general debugging and performance issues. Finalized training against traffic data. For this I used google's directions api along the route and then trained against what google thought the duration time would be. Will take a couple of weeks to collect a minimal amount of data to train against for the main server though.

At the moment I have given up on neural networks. They seemed to not perform as well and were hard to tweak. If anyone else wants to try different algorithms please let me know and I can give them a csv file of some data.

Next I will probably work on performance graphing of the training process. The end goal is to have graphs etc on the site so anyone can easily scroll through all the routes etc and see how well things were able to train / predict etc.

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