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Check out Technically’s recap of our Civic Engagement Launchpad kickoff weekend (gif and everything).

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Latest Project Activity

Kyle McGrogan My Philly Update #2

Site is live

My Philly is now live online, with most of its basic features working. You can enter your address, and get a list of Registered Community Organizations that cover your area. You can click into these to get a bunch of information about them. We also have a map which shows RCO overlap, and a bunch of different content sections to read.

Up next is officially sending out the information gathering survey to various RCO leaders, where they can give us their mission statement, social media accounts, and any committees they may have. These responses should be cropping up as they're given to us - so keep your eyes peeled!

Corey Acri CFP Meetup Slash Command Update #3

The /meetup' slash command now includes/meetup current` which should retrieve the right event information on the date of the actual cfp meetup event. last and next work. Open to requests for better command/responses.

Corey Acri CFP Meetup Slash Command Update #2

Built the app into the Laravel framework and installed it on the CFP Slack Team.

Everyone should now be able to use it from any channel using the following slash commands:

/meetup current

/meetup next

Casey Vaughan Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance Update #3

Leverage: Project Update: Fall 16/ Winter 17

Leverage kept warm and busy through the Fall of 2016 and Winter of 2017. With the added momentum of an award for “best Civic Tech Project” at #CaasH and the tangible progress of an API built by James Lott and other stalwarts of the technology team, the group had much to be proud of. Starting in November the team doubled down on their user centered design goals with several highly productive and well attended Hack Nights gathered round the hearth at “Local Host”.

Jacqueline Siotto lead a dive into the results of the roughly 100 surveys she gathered. The presentation summarized major findings as well as highlighted key takeaways. The team also dedicated a night to looking at campaign finance applications currently in use in New Mexico and Oakland. Chris Medykiewicz took note, gathered feedback and built out a wireframe that includes basic features and pages that the team agreed will be needed.

The strategy team carried out its first focus group with the help of the friendly staff at the Philadelphia Free Library Independence Branch and the generous citizens who participated. The focus group is part of a larger research plan the group is carrying out to better understand its stakeholders and users.

As all projects go through cycles of leadership, Leverage has been fortunate to have had new volunteers step up when others had to step back. While the core group has remained unchanged previous team lead titles: Data Analysis; Visualization ;Technology; Strategy; Project Manager; Project Coordinator have fallen to the side and a new formal structure has emerged.

The new structure is a Technology team coordinator, People team coordinator and overall Project Lead. Positions will be held for six month cycles culminating at either the spring or fall hackathon. The Project Lead will be responsible for quarterly reports summarizing the monthly feedback from the coordinators. The Technology team will encompass data, pipeline and UX while the People team will include research, strategy and recruitment.

We are especially grateful for the help of Chris A. Williams, Matthew Tomlinson and Montana Goodman in recent weeks. Chris teamed up with others focusing on data and pipeline efforts at #CELaunchpad providing valuable insights from his efforts building a campaign finance application for the state of Delaware ( Matt helped the strategy team to refine its focus group exercises and Montana provided valuable insights as a co-participant in the #CELaunchpad project design workshop.

Aaron Long CELaunchpad's Active Projects

We encourage everyone to join in on a project even if you didn’t attend the hackathon. Here is a list of all the active projects:

Project Goal Project Page Slack Channel
Anti-Gerrymandering To expose the effects of gerrymandering in Pennsylvania with a focus on creating a clear, interactive visualization of the problem and providing both educational and legal resources for those that want to raise awareness and take action against the issue. project slack
Leverage Started at our Democracy Hackathon last year, the team is back to focus on their next sprint. The hard deadline of a Demo Night helps to focus the team on short term goals during the month. Spent a lot of time learning more nuances of campaign finance reporting laws from Bryan McHale. project slack
Near Green Jawn Award winners from City as a Service Hackathon, they’re back to iterate on their maps and route directions. project slack
Open Seat Finder Provide a resource for Philadelphia residents to find open seats within their local government and learn about the requirements for running for a position. project slack
Philly Sample Ballots Crowdsource capturing those influential hand-outs at polling places project slack
RCO Website that helps people learn about Registered Community Organizations, and connect them with RCO’s in their neighborhood. project slack