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PennApps 2015

PennApps - a huge student hackathon run by the University of Pennsylvania right here in Philly - is looking for mentors. In addition, this year they've added a Civic Hacking route!

PennApps 2015 will take place over Labor Day weekend this year. Code for Philly will be speaking about civic hacking on Friday evening, and we encourage all our members who're interested to join in by being a mentor. Take a look at the site and signup form for more information.

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Latest Project Activity

Spencer Snygg Update #10

This weeks we had some ups and downs, but ended up awesome. We are really undermanned in our back end and we lost someone to a previous commitment. So we really need people who know PHP. If you know Laravel (a PHP framework) that would be particularly awesome. On the up side, we have met a couple people at Code For Philly who can help out in various ways. Gabrielle, an artist is helping redesign a particularly troublesome front end display. (Really thick in data and kind of scary looking.) Nathan and Henry are back end developers who are going to try to learn PHP in time to help.

Also, Microsoft swung by and they are going to give us free web hosting.. which is AMAZING.

Mike Bok Septa Next Bus Update #12

Updated the demo app so it is more of an end user app geared towards the phone. This is the first app that can get the predictions for any bus on any route. Will probably work on getting the second demo more user friendly next. If you have any suggestions or bugs please post them on the forum.

Anyone know how to get links to be links?

Dave Torok Minimal Blue Bikes Philly Update #1

I have released my Android App "Minimal Blue Bikes Philly" v1.0 to the Play Store and have added the project to Code for Philly. It's a lightweight Indego station status app with no map and no GPS. And it works on older Android (2.3+). Please give it a try and I'm looking for feedback.

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #15

Ah the life flow hit members of Yadaguru tonight some of us are getting married, some of us are moving, some of us are doing both! So we were scarce at Code for Philly. BUT we have turned a major corner in that we are moving into Testing!!! This is huge! It means that the prototype is essentially built. Katelin, our Guidance Counselor, is going to configure the app to prep for the upcoming school year. There's a lot of wordsmithing and messaging of reminders to do. Bob and Aidan have built a admin backend that allows Katelin to add and delete reminders, to set them up with approximate timeframes in which they should be given (ie 120 days prior to application submission), to group them into categories (eg: essays), and to add all of the SAT and ACT test dates for the year. It's really quite amazing what this team of volunteers has built in the course of a few months. And also - now the site looks like -for realz - AMAZING, thanks to new addition front end developer Michael. Katelin is going to now update the app with the data she knows. She'll also probably encounter some bugs that we'll try to work out before the school year. We'll push out to Yadaguru and will be looking for some help in auto scaling in AWS. Probably in the next few weeks well also need some testing help , so we can see how the app performs on mobile devices. We need to do a few others things, like add the reminder buttons (eg: push to google, push to ical). It's a great time on team Yadaguru!

Spencer Snygg Update #9

Part of our site will be a user forum and we need advice from those of you with experience. We need suggestions on which platform to use or if things have to be built from scratch or what. The more plug-n-play, the better. And if we can't do something that does everything we want, then we should go with something that would allow us to upgrade to what we want later on without losing all the posts and upsetting our users.

We won't have money to pay people to moderate, so it will be mostly user run. The point of the forum on our site would be to allow voter and politicians to debate issues amongst themselves locally, in their county, their state or across the nation. We want three traffic lanes for this: "Official Debate", "Possible Solutions" and "Free Debate". The "Official Debate" section would be a place where politicians could debate each other. More on that later. In the "Possible Solutions" lane, there would be drachonian rules on what you could and couldn't post. It would be mostly well thought out suggestions and tweaks. In "Free Debate", there would be just a lot of tossing around of ideas and a lot of the same old stuff you see in user forums.

We want to show the users debates in chronological order so posts make sense, but also have the ability to easily search popular posts or filter by whatever search criteria the user wants.

Users should be able to flag for: -Spam -Abusive language -Useful information/Good ideas -Entertaining

Users should be able to search by those criteria plus keywords, and users.

We should have some way where spam gets removed without us having to pay moderators.

There should be a way to automatically filter out/flag curse words and to remove duplicated posts (as possible spam).

Threads should be able to be linked to our Questions.

So, back to the the "Official Debate" section… we would want three windows - the main window would be where we see the Politicians talking to each other. In another window, we would see the Press asking questions. If a politician clicks to answer a question, then it becomes a part of the main window. Voters can up and down vote questions in the Press window. The third window would be for people to leave comments about the debate. It would also be awesome if the Politicians could set up a "Town Hall" function where for that debate only, the Voters were treated as press and could ask questions. There should be a "next" function, so users could go to the next comment/question/answer without having to scroll because one tactic that people will probably use is to leave numerous super long answers to make it almost impossible to find the other person's answers (and some people just tend to ramble).

Sooooo….. all that said…. Any ideas?

Yuriy Porytko $5000 Grant Powered By PECO for Innovator Of The Year....apply today!

Today, HeadRoom announced details of their first Innovator of the Year Award, powered by PECO. The competition will create a forum for employees, entrepreneurs and inventors throughout the region to spotlight how technology is being used or could be used to create a product service or process. The winner of the competition will receive a $5,000 grant from PECO and a one-year residency at HeadRoom to support the development of their innovation.

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