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Latest Project Activity

Brad Steinberg Near Green Update #3

We met up this evening at the hack night to talk about the next steps for NearGreen. Also we met and welcomed Charmel to the team!

Quick shoutout to Nke for developing an SMS service to text the user a list of healthy corner stores, near the zip code they supply!

Next up for NearGreen, for a target of Mid-February:

Make web application mobile friendly and responsive Charmel and Logan have both expressed interest in this initiative and we're excited to have them on board, to take on the front-end efforts Secure file hosting to house our web application and register a domain name Integrate SMS service into NearGreen Get the word out about NearGreen to find our targeted demographic and have these users test our app and provide feedback

Great work Greenies!

Corey Acri Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Update #52

These datasets contain CyclePhilly trips from May, 2014 through April, 2016 (2 years; 12,202 individual trips by 300 unique CyclePhilly users) that were mappable to DVRPC's Open Street Map facility network. CyclePhilly trip data was processed and snapped to the nearest road or trail segment using an algorithm so that total volumes by segment could be calculated and compared (some facilities—particularly trails—may not be in the mapped network; CyclePhilly data for these segments is not shown). Note the data sets include only CyclePhilly trips; CyclePhilly users' trip patterns may not reflect those of all cyclists. Trip ends (origin/destination) have been 'fuzzed' to protect users' privacy, so true start and stop locations are obscured in these datasets. Please refer to the descriptions below for information on the datasets; a data dictionary is also included within each ZIP file.

Marissa Goldberg Near Green Update #2

Thank you so much to everyone who has taken us this far in the project! I couldn't have done it without you. This was truly a team effort.

We have our MVP on github and can't wait to keep going. The support we've received has been so encouraging.

Thanks to the audience at CAASH we won the "Jawn award" for crowd favorite! Check out the writeup of the event here -

We also want to say welcome to Logan Crossan fullstack dev who will be joining our team. We are so excited to have you on board!

As you know, this demo was just the beginning.

Phase 2 will be getting hosting to move the whole project live.

Other steps towards making NearGreen everything we dreamed include

  • Make some UI improvements to the map page
  • Add the ability to expand the radius of your search
  • An option to get Walking, Cycling, Transit, and driving directions to and from your current - - location right within the web app
  • Features where you can email this list to yourself or text a result to your phone from your - computer (great for people who don’t have smart phones)
  • More information within the location marker window
  • Improve user experience and accessibility through user testing
  • Add more store data from the city of Philadelphia (2016 update)

Anyone who is interested in joining in on the effort please feel free to join this project on, and join the conversation at

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #26

Our marketing efforts have started to bear fruit. We gave a workshop at Southwest Leadership Academy for parents and kids. Looking at our stats since launch we've helped about 80 kids with the college application process. That's our returning user base, we have a few hundred new users who tend to spend a longer time on the app, so we assume that they are coming here once, getting the info they need either though PDF download or a push to google calendar or .ics file. Bob has made incredible progress on the app, all the routes are now built, along with some beautiful unit tests every step of the way, and we are now at the point where we can start to layer in the twilio api. We're looking at December to have a working prototype. Zach has joined us and is helping out and Brent from Twilio will help guide as as well. Right now we need people familiar with Javascript, node, AWS to help with the api. Would also be great to find some front end folks familiar with CSS, SCSS, HTML5 to help on the frontend

Casey Vaughan Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance Update #2

Leverage: Project Update: Summer 2016

The summer of 2016 was a busy summer for both the city of Philadelphia and members of Leverage. While the city hosted the Democratic National Convention, Leverage participated at the American Experiments Showcase Challenge. In addition we met for hacknights, held a UX feature workshop and distributed a user surveys to hundreds of citizens. New members James Lott, Chris Medykiewicz and Remi Adewale joined the group adding technical skills and experience to the technology and visualization teams.

The American Experiments Showcase Challenge provided Josh Werner, Jacqueline Siotto and Casey Vaughan a chance to answer attendee questions and demo a prototype of Leverage. "We were honored to be included in the showcase which included applications in use from around the country such as Democracy Works and Ballot Ready". In speaking with conference attendees we had many takeaways. First, we learned that some people are interested in seeing campaign expenditure data as well as donations received. Second, we learned that users desire the ability to drill down on the data and that infographics should be clickable into a subset of data if possible. Third, many attendees expressed a strong concern that we avoid assumptions about the public domain knowledge about campaign finance. In other words we need to meet the community where it is.

In the Fall of 2016 Leverage will be busy. The team will regroup as an evergreen project at CaaSH. We will utilize the extended face time to reach a consensus on a core feature set that will be built out in as an MVP (Leverage 1.0 application) for #CaaSH demo night being held Oct 25th. In addition the Leverage team will be meeting at a Hacknight later in the Fall to view a presentation by strategy lead, Jacquiline Siotto that summarizes information gleaned from our citizen summary.

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Tim Thorton

Tim Thorton

Director of 311 at City of Philadelphia


As the new Executive Director of Philly311, Tim brings more than 30 years of executive experience helping organizations improve customer experience through customer journey projects that integrate website usage, call center contacts, and other channel interactions to improve service. Tim’s expertise with people, processes, and technology alignment will help the City to continue to move forward in improving services to our customers. Tim was part of Mayor Kenney’s transition and had an opportunity to learn about opportunities and challenges within City government.

Starting out as one of the first technology hires, Tim was with the Vanguard Group of Investments from 1982 to 2014. While at Vanguard, Tim implemented technology projects that improved the service experience for millions of clients and enabled the organization to grow.

Rebecca Corcoran Swanson

Rebecca Corcoran Swanson

Planning Director at City of Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections

LinkedIn | Twitter

Stacey Mosley

Stacey Mosley

Programming Co-Chair at Young Involved Philadelphia


Stacey is the Founder and CEO of FixList, a real estate data services company dedicated to identifying real estate trends and opportunities through data. She formerly worked as the Data Services Manager and Data Scientist for the City of Philadelphia where she helped departments leverage data to improve operations, and empower them open up their data to the public. Prior to joining the Open Data movement, she worked on the City’s Vacant Property Strategy, building a data management system and processes to best utilize the City’s channels of enforcement. She is a Philadelphia enthusiast and data nut who loves making things, and making things happen.

Kate Lawrence-Gupta

Kate Lawrence-Gupta

Comcast – Technology & Product

Splunk Engineering & Operations Manager


Kate Lawrence-Gupta is currently the Splunk Engineering & Operations Manager at Comcast Cable in Philadelphia. Kate’s team of engineers manage several deployments of Splunk within Comcast to support the X1 Platform. She has presented at Splunk Live-Philadelphia as well as multiple national Splunk conferences and is the winner of the 2013 Splunk Revolution Award for Innovation as well as an inaugural member of the community-driven SplunkTrust MVP program

Angel Rivera

Angel Rivera

Senior DEVOPS Engineer at