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Help plan the next CfP hackathon!

It’s that time when we gear up to plan one of our biggest events of the year! If you’re new to the tech scene or just love bringing people together in the name of tech for good, the Code for Philly hackathon planning team is for you. It’s a great way to meet new people, expand your network, and have fun.

This hackathon will kick off 3/24-25 and come back to demo on 4/25!

Wanna help? Email us at to tell us what you’re interested in.

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Latest Project Activity

Christopher UXMeetup GardenHub - Community Gardens web app Update #1

GardenHub is well under development. The UI has been worked out - 80%. The backend is 50%. Grant/fundraising is underway. The Dept of Parks & Recreation is on-board with a 20 garden test/pilot.

This project could use an experienced front-end developer to split the workload, who can help smooth out the UI/UX in the responsive/mobile view, design improvements, dynamic UI features, and more.

This project is moving at a quick pace, so if interested you'll have to be willing to put in time to help me have it ready by spring….which is when the community gardens kick off their season.

Jess Mason Megalithic Timeline OpenSource Project Update #1

First Meetup Next Wednesday Jan 18th, 6-8PM



We will be meeting @ 399 Market St - Suite 360 Philadelphia PA , in the Art Gallery of Indy Hall’s Co-working Space on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn building which is on the corner of Market st. and 4th.

Front Doors Lock @ 7:00PM< Call or text > (267) 393-0910 and someone will be down to let you in.

Event: There will be food and drinks provided by our sponsors for the event. ~Pizza ~Beer ~Snacks & More

Michiko Quinones YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #27

We dockerized and it's literally minutes to install the whole dev stack and get up and running. Check out these awesome instructions

So easy even I (ProductOwnerScrumMasterNonCoder) could do it.

Bob has put a tremendous amount of work into this, complete with literally hundreds of API tests that run on single 'npm test' command. So awesome. We are doing the most right now:

A) finishing up the app, B) configuring twilio to get text up and running, C) then moving to CFP AWS instance.
D) Convincing twilio to give us a 501c3 discount

You are welcome to help with any of it. The front end stuff can all be found here on our waffle board. We will be at 12/20 CFP to talk through the 'Agreed We Need to work on It' column.

So if you want to learn or if you are advanced coder who wants to contribut to get us to the finish line, have we got a deal for you!

On the marketing front, we had a good season with Version 1, topped off by that awesome visit to Southwest Leadership Development Academy. Their tweet:

"Thank you to all who attended our college information session tonight with @yadaguru & @CodeForPhilly #alumni #roadtocollege #collegeweek

— Southwest Leadership (@SLACSinfo) October 4, 2016"

To date we've helped about 100 kids with applications. The focus now is to finish V2 and then start a new marketing campaign to prep for Juniors classes in May who will be seniors in the fall.

Brad Steinberg Near Green Update #3

We met up this evening at the hack night to talk about the next steps for NearGreen. Also we met and welcomed Charmel to the team!

Quick shoutout to Nke for developing an SMS service to text the user a list of healthy corner stores, near the zip code they supply!

Next up for NearGreen, for a target of Mid-February:

Make web application mobile friendly and responsive Charmel and Logan have both expressed interest in this initiative and we're excited to have them on board, to take on the front-end efforts Secure file hosting to house our web application and register a domain name Integrate SMS service into NearGreen Get the word out about NearGreen to find our targeted demographic and have these users test our app and provide feedback

Great work Greenies!

Corey Acri Bike Route Tracker (CyclePhilly) Update #52

These datasets contain CyclePhilly trips from May, 2014 through April, 2016 (2 years; 12,202 individual trips by 300 unique CyclePhilly users) that were mappable to DVRPC's Open Street Map facility network. CyclePhilly trip data was processed and snapped to the nearest road or trail segment using an algorithm so that total volumes by segment could be calculated and compared (some facilities—particularly trails—may not be in the mapped network; CyclePhilly data for these segments is not shown). Note the data sets include only CyclePhilly trips; CyclePhilly users' trip patterns may not reflect those of all cyclists. Trip ends (origin/destination) have been 'fuzzed' to protect users' privacy, so true start and stop locations are obscured in these datasets. Please refer to the descriptions below for information on the datasets; a data dictionary is also included within each ZIP file.