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Demo Night!

Do you have an open-source, civic project that you want to demo? We’re hosting a demo night to celebrate civic tech projects and give some feedback on how they can continue to improve. The night will largely feature projects from our City as a Service Hackathon.

After a month of building, projects will present in front a panel of experts to gain critical feedback at demo night.

All projects that follow our Code of Conduct are welcome. The event is free, but space is limited (

Looking for Code for Philly leaders

In early 2015, we rolled out our first leadership team. As Code for Philly has evolved, we’re looking for fresh blood to keep us moving in the right direction.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the amazing growth of Code for Philly and the civic tech movement at large—we hope you’ll join us! Please apply by 5pm on Friday, October 21st.

Fill out a quick form to tell us more about yourself in relation to Code for Philly and the position.

Latest Project Activity

Spencer Snygg Update #15

It's alive. It's ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE!!!!! Check it out at There are still a few bugs to knock out, but I'll be populating it with politicians and advertising it in about a week and a half.

If you want to help build more tools for it to make it even more awesome, drop me a line. There are tons of cool features yet to come.

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #25

Hi we are currently building the mobile app. We now have a new backend in Javascript using standard MVC architecture. Much easier to teach and we are welcoming a few new folks Rowana and Zack to help us. Bob is leveraging TDD - building in unit tests right from the beginning - which is great to both a) determine if the environment is set up correctly and b) determine if the code is good. We're getting to the point where we can begin testing twilio and we are happy to note that they have a test api for that (thanks Twilio), so we don't have to use our grant for testing. Michiko is out marketing, hold workshops for parents, meeting with schools, developing promotional materials. The marketing goal is to make people aware of Yadaguru as a niche tool and then leverage that to get them up and running with the mobile app when we move forward with that.

Aaron Long CaaSH Mentors


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Caash Mentors

Saturday’s event will hold a variety of specialists from Philly’s tech scene with expertise in Data, Design, or/and Development; who have graciously devoted their time to make the hackathon both educational and fun. If you’re an expert in these areas and would like to help out please contact us.

  • Chris Medykiewicz / speciality in UX Design / email

  • James Lott / speciality in System Administration, Database Management, and Back End Development / email

  • Kathryn Killebrew / speciality in Geospatial Data and Mapping / email

  • Shannon Holm / speciality in System Administration, Back End Development, and Business Marketing / email

  • John Gravois / speciality in System Administration, Back End Development, and Front End Development / email

  • Jeffrey Mealo / speciality in System Administration and Back End Development / email