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One Stop Transparency Shop Update #1

One Stop Transparency Shop was an idea submitted for the Apps for Philly Democracy hackathon, March 27th-29th, 2015. The goal was to provide a searchable site linking campaign donations and lobbying data to resulting city contracts.

There is a more complete description with links and various scripts at the github page:

Posted on by Bill Clinton Update #6

We just had some major progress at the Lehigh Valley Hackathon. We took over a thousand questions and translated them from word into xl and txt, ready to be inserted into sql. We also took a bunch of mock-up pages and got them to the point of almost functionality. With a bit more work, the databases will be filled and those pages will be functional.

Posted on by Spencer Snygg

Ward Leader Baseball Cards Code for Philly built Philly ward leader baseball cards

Do you know who your ward leader is? Do you even know what a ward leader is?

Code for Philly wants to help. The civic hacking group built baseball cards to get you acquainted with these local political leaders. The project came out of last month’s Apps for Philly Democracy Hackathon, just in time for baseball’s opening day.

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Published on , shared by Dawn McDougall on Update #5

We are trying to make a strong push to get something launchable finished in the next week or so. We want to do a test run of the very basic functions for the municipal primaries in Allentown in May, then expand to the municipal elections state wide for November and then go nationwide fully functional for the spring primaries.

You can take a look at some of the latest mock-ups at

We are hoping that we can get a lot done this coming weekend at the hackathon. If anyone wants to contribute remotely or in person, this weekend, or at any time, it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on by Spencer Snygg