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Whether it’s physical, social, political, economic, or otherwise ours is a city of legacy infrastructures. To thrive in the 21st century, Philadelphia must adapt and evolve. We believe that the best solutions are collaborative and sustainable.

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Latest Project Activity

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #18

To quote Ice Cube "Today was a Good Day".

Two big events today: Usability/Pilot with high school seniors at City School and meeting with the School District of Philadelphia's Office of Strategic Partnerships.

Big thanks to the kids at City School who gave us awesome feedback and were a joy to be around.

We learned a ton by watching kids actually use the app. Here are the key learnings: 1. Pushing to Google Calendar - probably a bit of a learning curve for most high schoolers.
2. Pushing to iCal - works on some phones, not on others and is importing html characters. 3. Directions - its confusing after you click 'get my reminders' - there are a lot of buttons and it's not clear which one to push. 4. The Information is good - kids did get into the information and we heard a lot of 'oh yeah, I better do my essays'.

We debriefed and came up with some general direction on where to go next.

  1. Push to SMS as the first option instead of google calendar.
  2. Rename ical (most folks don't know what ical is).
  3. Give the information up front first before the buttons on the second page but also make the buttons clearer about what they do (ah the challenges of mobile development).

The team decided that we are going to think of some solutions and regroup with our top three on Flowdock later today, and also figure out a time when we can all meet together.

We also want to bring in more hackers and will be making pitches at a near future Code for Philly

School District

The School District is investing in helping kids with college accessiblity and is doing a big Naviance push this semester.

Our key take away from the meeting were that we:

  1. Should get SMS reminders to work - to work around the google calendar issues.
  2. We need to know if we can handle the load should the school district promote YadaGuru to schools. This is a big district, 200K students.

In all, we are so very psyched to get the feedback. The team feels that as an MVP, we have reached our definition of done. We're going to prioritze our next set of work, bring in a few more hackers to helps us, figure out how/if we adjust for load in AWS and reach back out to the school district.

James Tyack Unlock Philly Update #15

Unlockphilly user feedback

I just wanted to share a really nice email I received about Unlockphilly (names removed) from someone who visited Philadelphia with her niece. She found out about this site at an online forum 'GenPhilly Network'.

> "Your site was so amazingly helpful for my niece and her family! It was really easy to use and great that everything was in map form. It was so nice that [name] got to pick from the options rather than picking a place to go and then checking it out and deciding against it for accessibility reasons. She is 14, and it was a great trip for her!! I haven’t heard how their experience was in NYC yet, but I know her dad was hoping there was something similar there. Anyway, thank you for such a great tool – it was highly recommended by several folks on the list, as well!!"

Spencer Snygg Update #13

This week, we found a lead that may end up in getting us voter and politician districts, which we can integrate into our site so that voters can type in their address and get linked to politicians in their voting area, which is SWEEET!

We also got a new user to help us change our Discourse to fit our needs.

Good stuff.

Dawn McDougall Update #16

Here's a buggy input box. I changed the Read me because I thought it had't been updated since April 2014. But maybe it had! Just not touched as a project update.

Added the top items on the to-do list and cleared a couple of done items or items that I moved up.

Spencer Snygg Update #12

We still need connections to Google's Civic API or other Open Civic Data stuff, but we are doing and end run around that and going straight with data from the board of elections - I think. We are getting sooooooo close to our alpha launch. A lot of great work done so far. A lot of great work yet to be done. Come be a part of the fun.

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