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Wednesday joint meetups with GDI this summer!

About every other week this summer, we'll be holding hack nights on Wednesdays in joint session with Philly's Girl Develop It chapter, as part of our Open Source Mentorship Program. The details will be included in the usual meetup posts.

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Latest Project Activity

Spencer Snygg Update #7

Our database is up, but not integrated with our front end yet…. but SOON.

Requests for advice: 1- Does anyone have any favorite user-forum plug-ins we can drop into our site? We want voters and politicians to be able to talk to each other locally, county wide, state wide, or across the nation.

2- We started our back-end using Phalcon as a PHP framework, because it compiles to C++, so it runs super fast. Unfortunately, we are having problems finding people who know Phalcon, so it's hard for volunteers to jump in and contribute on back-end stuff. We would love to hear people's opinions on back-end frameworks that are best for groups of various skills and time commitment abilities.

3- We are looking at integrating the Google Civic Information API. Anyone have experience with API integration? The API is at

email me at

Michiko Diby YadaGuru - College Application Reminders Update #13

Reaffirmed the need for this app at Code for Philly tonight. Connected with Lauren Bauman from PhillyGoes2College who has 20 hotspots throughout the city to help kids with the college applciation process. Yadaguru could be an easy tool that that counselors can use while they are explaing the process to kids. Also got to do a lighting talk on how the Yadaguru team is using ChatOps with Rally and Flowdock to stay light on process and big on getting things done. Learn more those 20 hotspots here

Yadaguru needs AngularJS developers and HTML front end folks to help with developing our look and feel. Contact us if you want to help!

Mike Bok Septa Next Bus Update #10

Uploaded "nearby to" api. This lets you select a from and to location and it will return the next buses that will take you to the destinations and predictions on when it will get to all the stops. At the moment the call is very slow so that is the next thing that will be worked on.

demo app -

Abdus-Salaam Muwwakkil Actualize.Me Update #3

After great success at the Milken GSE UPENN Competition — we will be looking to vamp up the test runs for the ActualizeMe Initiatives (Actual Project Based Learning! With Real People!).

On the radar: - Effective strategizing (Cnverg Sessions) - Landing Page (Bootstrap?)

Mike Bok Septa Next Bus Update #8

Predict and next_bus api are now working. Predict gives you the amount of seconds predicted for a bus to reach a certain stop. Next bus gives you all the next buses to reach a stop for each route and the predicted amount of time for them to get there. Just made it so predict and next_bus run within 1 second total, down from ~10 seconds per bus. Next will change the trainer to use number-of-stops-away instead of nearest-stop which should make training a lot faster and more accurate.

These api are available however currently only routes 9, 21, and 42 are trained against stop 6060 (15th and chestnut)

Also there is this demo app -

Spoke with Lloyd and Andrew about working on the website and a "nearby buses to" api.

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