What’s the Weekly Meetup?

Code for Philly meets every week as part of the standard program. Different people come to Code for Philly for different reasons. Some people are new to the city and want to meet the tech scene, some are looking for help with a project idea, and some people are looking to get their hands dirty with code. Everyone wants to make an impact.

To meet the different needs of Code for Philly members, there are three types of events we hold for our weekly meetup:

Open House

The last Tuesday of every month will be an open house for people to come and learn about the Code for Philly community and its work more generally. Open house nights are social in nature, so they will be shorter events that do not include designated time for hacking. These nights are for primarily for newcomers to get familiar with Code for Philly and its projects, for project owners to recruit for volunteers, subject-matter experts to share core issues and project ideas, and an opportunity for Code for Philly to mash up with other tech Meetups.

What to expect:

  • Civic Hacking pitch
  • Code for Philly project wins and call for volunteers
  • Subject-matter expert project ideas/pitches


The Workshop series takes place on the first Tuesday of every month as a learning opportunity and a way for newer members to develop more familiarity with what Code for Philly is all about. These sessions are called workshops because they are intended to be a learning-by-doing opportunity, but that doesn’t mean the subjects are limited to basic concepts for people brand new to coding. Topics could be an overview of complex libraries and practices, new tools and extensions, or even “soft skills” like project management. Be sure to bring your computer on these nights!

What to expect:

  • Civic Hacking 101
  • Rotating Workshop Session
  • 5-minute lightning talks

Hack Night

For the two remaining weeks between Open House nights and Workshops, hack nights are true working nights. These nights have no time slotted for introductions or overview sessions (including civic hacking 101). Getting back to basics, Hack Nights are a time and space for projects to meet and get some real hacking done. Everyone is always welcome, but we recommend newcomers attend an Open House and Workshop session before coming to a hack night.

What to expect:

  • Free-form hacking

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