Code For Philly homepage mockup. You can view our progress here:


A wonderful volunteer Walt created a mock up of the new homepage. Walt did a great job and we are very appreciative! There are just a few additional things we need to do to get it fully working. Our old website was built on a system called Laddr. This is a custom content management system developed by Chris Alfano, the founder of Code for Philly. It was specifically designed to manage an organization like Code for Philly and its data. While Laddr is really great, it's not updated as much as we may need. Several people in the past had advocated to moving the website to a more popular system like WordPress or Django. Unfortunately the suggestions were shot down. There's still a small group of people that really want us to stick with Laddr. Also so much work has been done in Laddr and it's so customized at this point that it would a huge overhaul to redo the whole thing in a different content management system. So we're starting small.


The goal of this particular project is just to re-do the homepage first, and connect it to the existing old pages and Laddr. The issues on our "Issues" page in this repo are ones that the leadership team has identified as things they would like changed. However we're open to other ideas of course.


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