Code for Philly is powered by volunteers just like you. If you’re looking for a high-value means of contributing towards the growth of our community, check out these open positions. Code for Philly’s greatest opportunities lie ahead of us. We need you to help shape the future and make it a reality. To apply, please submit your application at the link below.

Leadership Team Application - Google Form

Here are the open roles:

About All Leadership Roles

We give particular consideration to applicants from underrepresented and marginalized groups. You do not need to be a Code for Philly regular. Coding experience isn’t required. Instead, you should have a demonstrable interest in improving civic outcomes and at least some interest in technology. You should be able to think creatively about civic and strategic issues.

All Organizing Team members are volunteer positions with a common set of expectations.

  • Willing and able to provide approximately 1-3 hours of time commitment per week
  • Communicate and collaborate on work openly with leadership team
  • Commit to attending / supporting at least 1 CfP event per month
  • Commit to joining a one hour, online organizing team huddle once per week (Monday evenings)
  • Collective support for each other on the organizing team
  • Support large scale, special Code for Philly events (eg Civic Engagement Launchpad, other hackathons, etc)
  • Passionate about civic tech, open data, gov’t efficiency / effectiveness
  • Commit to acting by and upholding CfP and CfA’s code of conduct
  • Able to support 1 year of service within role ….. with option to “renew” or take on new responsibilities
  • All new leads will have a “provisional” period of six weeks to assess skill and commitment levels


We are seeking one additional Co-Director to help lead the organization alongside current Co-Director Kat Jost. Responsibilities of Co-Directors include owning the organizational strategy as it relates to projects, events, and programs, such as hackathons and the fellowship, as well as managing the leadership team to help execute the strategy. Senior Advisors are dedicated former Co-Directors who are always available for support, guidance, and assistance with operations.

The most important and rewarding responsibility of our Co-Directors is driving the mission of Code for Philly forward by engaging with our vibrant community of volunteers and partners to bring public interest technology projects to life in Philadelphia.

This role requires slightly more time than other leadership positions (2-5 hours/week vs. 1-3). Preference is given to applicants who have experience with Code for Philly and are local.

Fellowship Coordinator

We are in urgent need of a Fellowship Coordinator to help plan and run our third annual Comcast-sponsored fellowship program for underrepresented technologists. This person will lead a variety of activities from Spring through Fall, including:

  • Helping set the timeline for the fellowship
  • Coordinating with Code for Philly project leads to find projects and mentors for the fellows to work with
  • Setting up the fellow selection process
  • Setting up two virtual events during the fellowship
  • Coordinating with Comcast and Code for Philly leaders throughout the process to ensure fellowship prep, kickoff, and the fellowship program itself all run smoothly

This role would be great for someone with project management experience or aspirations, or for anyone who loves to take charge and hit the ground running.


Events are important for growing and maintaining engagement in the Code for Philly community. They provide information for potential new members and opportunities for networking and socializing among existing members. Larger events, such as the 2020 Opioid Data Hackathon link volunteers with community partners for several weeks work on high-impact issues. Events may also help project leads recruit volunteers for their projects.

Events Lead

Help organize the logistics of Code for Philly events and promote member engagement during events.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Host Code for Philly events
    • Introduce presenters
    • facilitate introductions and discussion among attendees
    • provide an overview of Code for Philly at open house events
  • Plan and lead Code for Philly social events
  • Act as the Zoom host during virtual events
  • Help with procuring food for in-person events.

After 3 months, you’ll have…

Hosted three or more Code for Philly events. Provided a positive first encounter for dozens of curious new volunteers. Suggested ways to improve existing events, or tested out new event formats.

Hackathon Lead

Code for Philly Hackathons bring community members together for several weeks to work with community partners on high-impact issues. The Hackathon Lead will build on the success of the 2020 Data Hackathon, by ensuring Code for Philly’s 2022 Hackathon runs smoothly and with clear, consistent vision.

What you’ll get to do:

  • coordinate space for each event (kickoff, project creation, hack nights, final presentations)
  • decide the theme and outcomes of the hack
  • work with the events lead to create meetup events for the hack
  • work with the communications lead for event promotion

After 3 months, you’ll…

Basically be at the data hackathon! (Note that you will have a lot of leadership support!)


Support Code for Philly volunteers use their tech, data, and design talents to work with community partners on impactful, thriving projects that deliver public and social good.

Growing and coaching successful projects requires a mix of soft and hard skills. One day you’re helping to recruit volunteer contributors. The next you’re offering advice on the most appropriate hosting service. The Projects Leads should be a passionate problem solver that understands the product, project, and technical considerations required to implement tech.

Project Kickoff Lead

The Project Kickoff Lead is responsible for the conception of a project, from the first meetings with the organization/project developers to setting up the project on the website/slack/github, to kicking off the project at a hack night.

What you’ll get to do:

  • Drive the creation of new projects by reaching out to organizations to pitch Code for Philly’s services and by interacting with volunteers in the Code for Philly community who may have their own ideas
  • Own the onboarding and kickoff process for new projects to ensure teams are set up for success

After 3 months you’ll have…

Launched your first project, by responding to email inquiries or partner referrals, filling out our intake questionnaire with a partner, and coordinating a meetup event with the events lead. You’ll have worked to make this process easier for organizations creating projects! Alternatively, you could have started your first project based on ideas and interest from the Code for Philly volunteer community.

Project Success Lead

The Project Success Lead is responsible for ensuring that existing projects are progressing towards an actual solution. They seek to minimize the effort necessary for project leads and project managers to effectively manage their work.

What you’ll get to do:

  • communicate project needs to leadership
  • coordinate with volunteer onboarding lead to ensure new volunteers can be matched to projects
  • manage methods for passive project updates from project leads (forms, etc)

After 3 months, you’ll have…

Maintained an up-to-date listing of active projects, their progress, and roles needed. Researched and produced insights about how people find projects and made suggestions for improvement. Worked with the Events Led to ensure project-related events, such as showcases, are successful.

How to Apply

Does it look like a fit? We’re excited to hear from you! Check out this form to submit an application.


Code for Philly is a great place to gain experience in roles that you might not otherwise have access to at different stages in your career. These roles are especially important for underrepresented voices in the tech industry because they add tangible examples to a work portfolio.

Especially as a volunteer organization, we value learning, growth, and mentorship. We work to help each other learn, so we’re interested in your potential and motivation above the color of your skin, the people you love, the gender you identify with, your physical ability, your age, or any other measure.

We’re looking for more diverse voices to provide important perspective in improving our programming to be truly representative of the diverse population of Philadelphia. Please consider applying and reach out if you have questions about the roles and/or joining the team. We would love to convince you why you’re a great fit!