Why sponsor Code for Philly?

Code for Philly is a nonprofit organization made up of proactive community members and volunteers in the city of Philadelphia. Our mission is to use technology, data, and design as a means to engage our community. We want to make a positive difference in the present and future of our city through citizen-driven ideas and projects.

We have 5 goals in mind:

  1. Make technology accessible to government, nonprofits, and community organizations.
  2. Create opportunity for technologists to grow their skills.
  3. Provide a collaborative space for participants of all backgrounds to co-create.
  4. Connect civic minded technologists with community building organizations.
  5. Improve Greater Philadelphia’s present and future with citizen-driven ideas and projects.
Two people presenting 'What is Civic Hacking?' A person presenting 'Philadelphia Statistics'
Here are CFP's projects, which Philadelphia community members, including yourself, have the opportunity to help volunteer on as well! As this is a nonprofit organization, monetary contributions are always greatly appreciated. They allow us to continue the work you see, in order to make a positive change in our community.

How to sponsor Code for Philly

Interested? Contact us at hello@codeforphilly.org or join our Slack workspace.

Technologists in a cool hall. Technologists in a presentation.