Jail Jawn Maintaining

Jail Jawn

Data Source: (http://www.phila.gov/prisons/page.htm)

What is Jail Jawn and Why?

This is the repository for the JailJawn.com scraper code written in Python. This started as a project to learn Python and Serverless deployment.

The following code in the repository accesses the static page provided by The City of Philadelphia Department of Prisons Census page (http://www.phila.gov/prisons/page.htm). This web page is generated internally possible by a human at infrequent times using Excel to HTML which doesn't create clean tables for scraping which requires a custom…

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Leverage: Philly Campaign Finance Prototyping

The goal of Leverage is to empower citizens of Philadelphia to use campaign finance data when making informed decisions about who they donate to, who they support, and who they vote for.

The foundation of Leverage is the campaign finance data published by the City of Philadelphia. We will apply some machine learning techniques to the data to pull out trends and patterns. Finally, we add a layer of simple visualization on top of the analyzed data, allowing any citizen to consume and understand how candidates are funded.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Empower citizens to make informed…
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Philly Vote Check Prototyping

iOS repo: https://github.com/jtwiest/PhillyVoteCheck

web repo: https://github.com/CfABrigadePhiladelphia/philly-vote-check front-end is on gh-pages branch; master branch has server-side components

Philly Vote Check


Where is my Polling station? This Application is designed to help voters identify and locate their polling place based on their district, ward and/or address. In addition, the application will help voter that need assistance with accessibility locate polling places that can accommodate their needs.


Philly Vote Check will provide the…

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Councilmatic Maintaining

Councilmatic! Build Status

Philly City Council Legislative Subscription Service.

Contact Us/Get Involved

  • Join the mailing list at https://groups.google.com/group/councilmatic/
  • Find us on irc.freenode.net in the #councilmatic room
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