I want a simple way for people to know who they are voting for.

Here's a sample of what I am looking to build:

Future dream:

  1. User text their address to a number
  2. The day (or week) before the election, the service send out information about the election:

    a. where to go to to vote b. polling hours c. Link to a detail page about the following:

    1. what position they're voting for. What is the responsibility of these positions?
    2. Who is running?

      a. Link to their social media, news article b. History, like bills they proposed and voted for


I am aware of other projects related to voting. I think they all have different focus. The only one I can see that share the same vision is Votewise. I think we have very similar ideas, but different implementation. I will try to reach out to the other projects and see if I can leverage their knowledge and data or maybe merge this in as a feature. Who knows.

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