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How to Git Bootstrapping


This is a guide on how to get started using git version control software to more easily manage your code and collaborate with other developers. Many of our volunteers are intimidated by git and the command line.

This guide will really only cover the basics of using git with GitHub, since that is where a lot of work and collaboration is happening at the time of writing this.


Join Code for Philly's Slack and projects platform and connect in the [#how-to-git-project…


OpenDataPhilly Usability and Feature Enhancements Bootstrapping

OpenDataPhilly is a regional open data catalog, providing a repository for information about open data available from the City of Philadelphia, non-profit organizations, university research projects, and other publishers of open data about the region. It was originally developed by Azavea and after periods of stewardship by AxisPhilly and Temple University, it has been maintained by Azavea, and since Azavea’s acquisition in February 2023, by Element 84.

While most open data catalogs are…

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PhilaVibes (Launchpad 2023) Bootstrapping

PhilaVibes Project

PhilaVibes is a map application that helps people in Philadelphia at point A with more time than they need to get to point B find a comfortable place to be between those spaces. The map will feature points surrounded by word clouds describing the spaces (and will show the name, address, etc, once the user clicks on that space). The user can see choose to see spaces around them, along their route, or around their destination.


Relative Mouse Accuracy Test Bootstrapping

Eye-tracking is an amazing accessibility tool, but there are so few ways to figure out your best setup to get the best results.

There are currently no good tools, that I could find, to test the accuracy and consistency of eye-tracking mouse control across devices and programs, and I believe this information will greatly help in improving the technology in the future.

A fairly simple Python or JavaScript program should be able to provide this need:

The script starts by prompting the user to enter a seed value, which is used to generate a set of 25 random dots on the screen….

Social Justice Stop The Violence Data Mapping Initiative Bootstrapping

im working to create a longitudinal social justice stop the violence data mapping initiative to add stories from communities addressing the various forms of violence plaguing our city. im working on learning code that helps us map our stories because so much policy, whether we like it or not, is created based on us without us at the table. i reached out to the Algorithmic Justice League to see if i can host a viewing of their documentary "Coded Bias" to help show how we are experimented in this…

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RateMyNurse Bootstrapping

There’s an overwhelming issue in homecare nursing that jeopardizes the safety of many people in need and that is there’s no accountability, and it’s only getting worse because of COVID-19. Nurses and agencies get away with murder, sometimes literally, but more often just abuse and theft of their clients [patients/consumers], which is still not ok… I’m hoping to build a passionate and caring team of web developers [and at least one with web accessibility development experience] to help me develop a tool to allow communication between clients and help them find the care they…

West Philadelphia Promise Zone - Small Business Resources Bootstrapping

About Us

The West Philadelphia Promise Zone is a place-based initiative created to support local leaders who are working to address challenges faced by people living in deep and persistent poverty. By working collaboratively in a collective impact model and focusing on one geographical area, Promise Zone partners can see the wider system, the interconnection of its parts, and make impactful direct and system changes. Roughly two square miles, the Promise Zone is bound by the Schuylkill River to the East, 48th Street to the West, Girard Avenue to the North, and Sansom Street to the…

Philly Elder Helpers Bootstrapping

PROBLEM: Inability to perform simple home maintenance or repairs makes it harder for seniors to age in place.

PROPOSAL: Groups of volunteers could be organized to help interested seniors in a particular area at some time window.


  • Functional website with basic user flow
  • Research into related services and/or organizations
  • Gauge of interest among seniors (potentially, list of interested seniors)
  • Information gathering from volunteer organizations

SeptaUX Bootstrapping

Design Brief: SeptaUX

Context: Who are we working with?

The Business

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a regional public transportation authority that operates bus, rapid transit, commuter rail, light rail, and electric trolleybus services for nearly 4 million people in five counties in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It also manages projects that maintain, replace and expand its infrastructure, facilities and vehicles.

SEPTA is the major transit provider for Philadelphia and the counties of Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and…

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Al-Bustan Immigrant Alphabet Website Redesign Bootstrapping

Al-Bustan is a Philadelphia-based non profit that promotes and affirms Arab culture. They reached out to Code for Philly for help with the website for their art installation Immigrant Alphabet. Immigrant Alphabet was produced in partnership with Wendy Ewald and students from Northeast High School. The installation was in residence at the City of Philadelphia’s Municipal Services Building. It'S currently on display at the Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia. It's Al-Bustan’s hope that the installation will travel on even further from there, to new cities and states.

Having the…

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Project Research - Documenting Organizations with Technical Needs Bootstrapping

Every month, dozens of volunteers attend the Code for Philly (CfP) 101 event, bringing with them a diverse set of technical and leadership skills. Similarly, every month, many organizations reach out to CfP about creating projects. However, two big challenges remain.

  1. There may be many organizations that don’t know starting a CfP can help connect them with technical volunteers
  2. They may need help in laying out a clear project, in order to recruit volunteers.

For this (“meta”) project, we will set out to document the technical needs of non-profit organizations, so that they…

Mamie Young's Finding Home Repair Help for Philadelphia Seniors Bootstrapping

So, if you're a senior with limited resources and you're trying to grow old and stay in your home, there's not a lot of help. This project supports Mamie Young's vision: creating a list of handymen and handywomen who sign on to do home repairs for seniors, at low cost and pro-bono. This is an important civic need. A few organizations cover some blocks and neighborhoods in the city, but in general, it's hard to find someone to help you as you age. Step one: let's make Mamie Young a webapp with a database, so that home repair people can sign up, creating a list that people in need can refer…

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Garden Hero Bootstrapping

Garden Hero

Garden Hero is an outgrowth of Code for Philly's Civic Engagement Launchpad 2018. This web application aims to help community gardens better manage their resources in order to cultivate a better community of gardeners.

The idea for Garden Hero was born when two frustrated community garden managers began to yearn for a better tool to manage their memberships, plots, volunteers, and donations than what was available at the time. They found that using a myriad of tools to manage the garden and communication between members (a hodgepodge of Excel…


RESOLVE Philly & BROKE in Philly- Logo Design Requests (Q1 2018 Request) Bootstrapping

About RESOLVE Philly

Resolve Philly is a new hub for the city’s general interest, community and ethnic newsrooms to produce collaborative solutions reporting and community engagement on urgent social challenges.

Resolve emerged from a 2016 initiative by the Solutions Journalism Network to catalyze sustained solutions reporting on prisoner reentry, a critical issue facing the city. Over the last year, The Reentry Project with its 15 newsroom partners – including the Philadelphia Media Network and WHYY as well as community and ethnic media such as PhillyCam, WURD and El Sol –…

CityBallots Bootstrapping


I want a simple way for people to know who they are voting for.

Here's a sample of what I am looking to build:

Future dream:

  1. User text their address to a number
  2. The day (or week) before the election, the service send out information about the election:

    a. where to go to to vote b. polling hours c. Link to a detail page about the following:

    1. what position they're voting for. What is the responsibility of these positions?
    2. Who is running?

      a. Link to their social media, news…


BelieveAchieve: Free, online, on-demand tutoring for disadvantaged students Bootstrapping

About Believe Achieve

BelieveAchieve is a volunteer-run ed-tech initiative seeking to provide on-demand educational and guidance services to disadvantaged high school students in the U.S. Our 3-pronged approach will consist of free, online, and on-demand: mentoring, tutoring, and college counseling. We are planning to pilot our model in the NYC metropolitan area beginning in January 2017. During the pilot, BelieveAchieve will focus on delivering math tutoring, general mentorship, and college admissions guidance to low-income public high school students in the NYC area. After our NYC…

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LGBTQ Health App Bootstrapping

The LGBTQ community has difficulty finding safe and competent healthcare services that take into consideration the wide spectrum of gender and sexuality-related issues. Many people in the LGBTQ community avoid or delay care because of past or expected homophobic attitudes and practices. In the “Philly Queer Exchange” Facebook group, requests for healthcare service recommendations are as frequent as a couple requests per week.

We are proposing a digital app to find, rate, and review healthcare services by and for the LGBTQ community.

Dat Jawn Bootstrapping

Goal: Version Control for Data on the Distributed Web

We are creating an open-source adapter to allow Noms to store its data on IPFS. This trio of technologies will provide top-to-bottom support for distributed version control of tabular data.

Secondary Goal: A model project for mentorship and collaborative learning

We are structuring this project with a strong emphasis on mentorship and group learning so that it can function as a setting where people become great software engineers by contributing to this open source…

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Female Political Representation in PA Bootstrapping

Some women from Rittenhouse Political stopped by Code for Philly a month or two ago to ask for help with a data set in CSV. They would like to visually display the data in tables, graphs, and ultimately a "heat map" to show how women have been represented in PA from 2000-2014. Click the developer's link to go to the GitHub page. We are working in Python and potentially JavaScript down the line to display this data in a palatable manner for end users.


Philadelphia Municipal Building Energy Benchmarking Bootstrapping

The Philadelphia Department of Energy has data available on (link below) showing energy consumption for Philadelphia Municipal Buildings between 2011-13. They are looking to add 2014 in the near future. They have asked us to help analyze and present the data so that the information is palatable for Philadelphians interested in creating energy efficient buildings. The Department of Energy has invested money in projects to help make some of our older municipal buildings become more energy efficient. They'd like to help voters understand the impact of their tax dollars on…

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Laws For All Bootstrapping

Help me create a web interface for public policy data. I need help developing a prototype, particularly the web interface and analysis of the API challenges.

Philadelphia Traffic Court Proceedings Bootstrapping


This project is a collection of data from the Philadelphia Traffic Court using Philadelphia's Open Data request system.

This will release the courts proceedings for all cases including outcome and information on plea bargains. An analysis of this data may show that unfair practices in court proceedings and allow evidence for retrying traffic tickets for anyone in Philadelphia who received a ticket in the past 10 years.

See also: Philadelphia Traffic Court was…

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Kiqstnd Bootstrapping

A bike parking locator that allows users to find Bike Parking published through Open Data Philly and allows for user input to display parking they've discovered. In addition, a map overlay of Bike Theft data would be able to be toggled to show theft by month and year.

This project has not had much activity since its inception in October 2013 but I would love to kickback the Kiqstnd, and get this going again!!!

Are you interested in working on a cool Bicycle App?

Kiqstnd needs you.