Code for Philly is extremely excited to announce that YadaGuru has been invited to give a workshop for students and their parents at Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School.

The workshop, to take place on Tuesday, October 4th at 6pm, is to help alumni of the K-8 charter school who are ready to apply for college use YadaGuru to assist in the process. This Parent to Parent workshop will take place at the school, located at 7101 Paschall Street.

YadaGuru is the brainchild of Michiko Quinones, a concerned parent who saw a need to help high school students with reminders for applying to colleges. The stacks of documents needed and unique submission schedule for each school can cause confusion for any prospective student, especially children of households whose parents have not attended college. YadaGuru asks young scholars to add schools to their list, then sets about reminding them through calendar reminders and text messages (release 2, coming soon!). It becomes that bug in the ear to remind them of deadlines and what steps in the process they need to be focusing on, whether it be SAT prep, letters of recommendation, or simply when to mail the application.

Michiko (@MichikoQuinones) brought the idea to Code for Philly, and with the help of volunteers this project can now be used by any high school student in Philadelphia looking to apply to college. The bulk of the help came from volunteers Aiden Obley (@adobley) and Bob D’Errico (@BobDerrico80). Bob was a teacher when this project started, and has now transitioned into a career in tech as a full time coder. Additional content support came from Katelin Conde-Rodriguez, a College Guidance Counselor at City School.

The group came from different backgrounds, but a similar inclination to contribute their skills towards a project that would make an impact on their community. Thankfully for us, they all found each other through Code for Philly. These are the types of projects we help to incubate, develop, and support. Open source, free to use apps that fill a need for our community.

To see project updates for YadaGuru, visit here, and be sure to check out more Code for Philly Projects.

Learn more about Michiko’s push to get this project started here.

The flyer for the workshop:

YadaGuru Southwest Leadership Academy WorkshopFlyer
YadaGuru Southwest Leadership Academy WorkshopFlyer