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Project Title: YadaGuru

The Pitch: YadaGuru is like a personal coach for college applications for kids who don’t have a person (be it a parent, guardian or school counselor) to help them submit completed college applications successfully. The problem we are trying to solve is failure to submit complete college applications particularly for kids with very little support.

There are apps that send reminders. Our niche is the tone, quality and frequency of the reminder. We believe that it’s the small failures; the inability to get an envelop with a stamp, the missing the deadline to request a transcript be sent, that lead to smart, qualified kids not making it to the college of their choice. YadaGuru will allow kids to get text reminders with this information targeted towards a particular school submission date.

Project Owner (contact): Michiko Diby

The Team: Bob D’Errico, Aidan Obley, Katelin Jankowski

Community Partner (Organization): Looking for partnership

Data Source:

Tech Stack: MEAN

Project Needs: Twilio Developers, Mobile Developers and UX designers, Test Leads - people who can go into the community and get feedback from kids (probably around March)

Links: GitHub, Current website