How You Can Help

CfP phrends have tech skills, but what other talents do you have? Maybe you like writing and want to write the weekly blog, or maybe you’re interested in talking to people and getting CfP connected to other cool organizations. Maybe you just really want to eat something other than pizza. We’re right there with you. We’re looking for volunteers to write, help with outreach, and partner with other organizations in the city. If you have more ideas, we want to hear them—there are lots of ways to get involved. If you’re interested or another person comes to mind, please reach out to Chris Alfano at

Upcoming Hackathons

Registration is up! Check out our meetup site to register for the upcoming Apps for Philly Transportation and Apps for Philly Democracy. For $10 you get a weekend of food and all the hacking you stand. Did we mention you’ll also get a swanky t-shirt? Apps for Public Health coming soon. And if you find yourself wanting to help with more organizing details, you can get in touch with Chris Alfano at

Make a Project Page or Die

JK. But seriously, much like our fervence for check-ins we would love to see more of the cool projects coming up on the website. There are great ideas developing at the weekly meetups—we’re looking at you new education visualization project. Project updates are a nice way of archiving and timelining your project so you can document the process and growth as well as a way to make the project visible. This also makes it easier to pair you with resources. You can use the “discuss” feature to make a call for help needed or ask for feedback. Do it. You know you want to.

CfP/OAP Impact Stories

Do you remember the first time you came to an Open Access Philly talk or started on a project at a weekly Code for Philly meetup? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you found a group of people equally excited about changing the world (or at least Philly) with the power of information. Hopefully if this was your case you still feel this way, and maybe you have an even deeper experience of transformation. Life-changing or incidental, OAP wants to hear your Impact Story