Workshop #115 on 01.15, coincidence? Pretty much. With this inaugural blog post we hope to see weekly posts that update what happened at the meetup. Terrible play on words/numbers not required.

This week we had about 30 people, a lot of pizza and a BUNCH of newcomers. Welcome, and we hope to keep seeing you. As we continue to grow we would love to have more involvement in the development of Code for Philly and get as much feedback as you can give us to improve the experience from the website to the front door to calling it a night.

In case you weren’t able to join us here are some of the announcements/news you missed:

Hackathons, Hackathons Everywhere

We have a hackathon coming up in February. And March. And May. Apps for Philly Transit, Apps for Democracy and Apps for Public Health respectively. We still need lots of help with sponsors, catering, space, promotion, etc. If any of these topics sound cool to you and/or you’re interested in helping organize the event please get in touch with Chris ASAP. Hit im up

Open Access PHL/CfP Impact Stories

OA is looking for “Impact Stories” of civic hackers involvement in attending the monthly OA convening and/or weekly Code for Philly meetups. Did you find a job in attending? Maybe you were able to connect with a collaborator or came up with a novel idea because of a talk you heard. You might have jumped on a project that changed the way you think about the world. If you have a story of transformation, OA wants to hear it. Hit em up

Calling All Ladies

Lady Hacks is a women-only hackathon happening March 6-7 with the location to be determined. Organizers are looking for mentors, attendees, and all women interested in hacking. To find out more and get involved you can talk to Jessie Cunningham of Jarvus. Hit er up

Be sure to comment with anything I missed. Keep up to date on the website for more info and check out discuss to get in on the conversation. Thanks to everyone who came, and we’re always open to hear thoughts and get feedback to improve Code for Philly. See you next week!