SustyHack2015 Overview

Friday, October 16th:

9:30am-4:30pm Unconference

@ The Innovation Lab, Municipal Services Building, 1401 JFK Blvd

9:30am registration and coffee/breakfast

10:30am Opening remarks and Keynote by Max Zahniser

11:00am-12:30pm block 01 breakout sessions

12:30pm-1:30pm lunch and networking break

2:00pm-4:00pm block 02 breakout sessions

4:00pm-4:30pm Closing remarks and logistics for rest of weekend

6–9pm Community Needs Assessment (at YIP Civic Engagement Fair)

WHYY, 150 6th St 19106 This Friday night event will be open to all Philadelphians to come discuss how technology can improve sustainability in our city, generating project ideas for the Apps for Philly Sustainability: Hackathon taking place over the following Saturday and Sunday.

This event will be held at WHYY as part of YIP’s Civic Engagement Fair. Join the conversation on Twitter by following us @codeforphilly and using hashtags #sustyhack2015 and #SOYP15.

Attendees will hear quick pitches from local organization representatives and fellow citizens about available data sets and known potential areas. Presented ideas will be posted and every attendee will be issued a number of “upvote” stickers to affix to their favorite ideas as they mingle around the room. New ideas can be posted by anyone at this time.

Teams will be free to choose to work on whatever they want over the hackathon, but the posted ideas and votes they accumulate provide an easy starting point for building teams.

Saturday, October 17

@ City CoHo (2401 Walnut St.)

9:30am Doors and registration open, breakfast and coffee served.

Walk around and look through the idea placards posted during last night’s community needs assessment and think about what you want to work on

10:30am Opening remarks

Hear an overview of the event and an introduction to civic hacking and hackathons

11:00am Team formation

Hang out next to the placard for your favorite project idea and discover who shares your interest

11:30am Hacking begins!

Find a spot to setup shop with your team and get started. Visit the mentor lounge at any time if you need guidance

01:00pm Lunch served

06:00pm Dinner served

11:00pm Doors closed for the night

Get some sleep!

Sunday, October 18

@ City CoHo (2401 Walnut St. 19103)

10:00am Doors open, breakfast and coffee served

01:00pm Lunch served

03:00pm Presentations begin

Present and/or demo your project to the judges and your co-hackers

05:00pm Doors closed