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Copyright Chris Kendig Photography

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The Mentees: 2015 Cohort

Domenique Clark

Dominique Clarke is a code newbie who loves exploring the intersection between tech and civic engagement. She has spent the past year building community through Philly Fellows and will spend the next doing the same as a Community Manager for Zip Code Wilmington and an organizer for Ela Conf. She likes her cheesesteak whiz wit and will fight to defend her preference. Domenique’s personality brings added perspective to the Philly Open Health Data project.

Lexi Cummins

Lexi is a full time translator whose extracurricular activities of choice include hula hooping, organizing brunches, blogging about the horror genre, and learning as much as possible about web development & hacking in Philly. Her interest in tech was first piqued a year ago when she decided to plunge head first into a General Assembly front end web development course, despite not even knowing how to operate an Apple laptop, and she’s never looked back.

osmp is a great program that introduces intermediate/beginner women to the civic tech world of Philly. I am so grateful to have been part of this program: I got hands-on experience in an open source project & met a ton of talented people.

Kristen Gallagher

Kristen works for one of Philadelphia’s largest AIDS service organizations, ActionAIDS. She has lived in Philadelphia her entire life, and during most of her adult life she has worked as a social worker. Kristen is interested in weaving community social services and open source in a way that can benefit all Philadelphians. Teaming up with Jim and LeeAnn, Kristen is bringing her unique experience and perspective to the What Hood project.

Christina Deemer

Christina is a UI/UX developer at Interactive Mechanics, as well as a student and TA for Girl Develop It Philly. Prior to joining Interactive Mechanics, Christina spent more than a decade as an arts manager and fundraiser for some of Philadelphia’s most well-respected arts and culture institutions.

What I love most about working in tech: building things from scratch, experimenting with new ways of doing things, and problem-solving/debugging.

Christina is a voracious reader, feminist, poetry snob, foodie, and proud introvert. She is bringing a similar voracity to her mapp-app project with fellow mentee Danae Mobley under the mentorship of Hector and Matt.

Copyright Chris Kendig Photography
Copyright Chris Kendig Photography

Jen Dionisio

Jen is a content producer specializing in science, history, and the arts. She manages digital communications for the Museum of the American Revolution, opening in Philadelphia in 2017. She starts teaching a course in digital content production for the University of the Arts’ Museum Studies program this fall. She’s excited to put her osmp2015 training to use for Philly’s cultural community. Some lessons learned:

1) Github is not as alien a platform as I remember. 2) It’s going to be a while before I feel comfortable with the command line. 3) There’s a really great group of folks working with osmp and Code For Philly, and I’m excited to get to know everyone better.

Rachel Han

Rachel is a rising sophomore at University of Pennsylvania majoring in Computer Science. She is interested in mathematics related computer science topics and robotics. She is a big fan of hackathons and open source projects. She wants to learn more about front-end development, especially interactive experiences and data visualization. Rachel is learning these skills on the Transpo-Art project.

I find people’s help most helpful, no matter if it’s about academic related topics or just casual hangouts and interchange of random ideas. People are inspiring and you should definitely talk to more!

Danae Mobley

Danae is an urban planner working in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods. She’s interested in making this city great while being able to use some of her creative skills. When she’s not learning about tech, baking and spending time with her family are Danae’s favorite things to do. She’s putting her urban planning background to practice on the mapp-app project.

I’m interested in learning more about best practices for front end development and web mapping. I also want to know how people have made their workflows more efficient.

Becca Nock

Becca is an MSN-PhD student in the School of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania where she is studying Health Care Administration and Nursing Informatics. Her interest is in how we can use data and technology, particularly the use of mobile apps, to improve the health care provided to older adults and to help them live in the community for as long as possible. Becca is practicing her mobile app development with Yash on some improvements to the CyclePhilly app.

I am excited to learn the process to go through when I run into a roadblock while coding. I would like to learn what to do when I don’t have a mentor specifically assigned to help me work through my code struggles.

Mabel Ogiriki

Mabel is a CS student at Lincoln University interested in programming. Her vision is to make Philadelphia and her home country, Nigeria, more tech-wise, one programming language at a time. Mabel is working closely with Mjumbe and Sarah to accomplish her goals by working on Transpo-Art.

I’ve been trying to learn JavaScript and although it hasn’t been an easy language to get a hang of, I feel through constant practice nothing is unachievable. One positive thing I’ve learned is not giving up on any task I set aside for myself even though it may seem hard at first.