#Launchpad2018 is almost here. Time to roll up your sleeves and submit those great civic tech ideas.

We want you to submit project ideas ahead of Launchpad’s scheduled Brainstorming Night for a couple reasons. Mainly, so people who have a great idea, but can’t attend Launchpad, can still have their voices heard and their idea considered by attendees. Also, because we’ve learned from our previous Launchpad that attendees who already have a project idea and share that idea early can get a jump on their project work when they arrive to Brainstorming Night with, potentially, a bunch of people who liked their idea and want to join their project.

This post explains how you can share your ideas early and further describes the type of ideas we’re looking for.

Workshop time at 2017's Launchpad
Workshop time at 2017's Launchpad

Who should submit ideas?

Everyone. Community relevant impact projects require ideas from the community. We want to hear from you.

Ideas will be posted on our website and included on boards at Brainstorming Night.

What we’re looking for

If your idea:

  • Increases civic engagement
  • Helps residents engage with local government or the democratic process
  • Uses data or technology to improve the lives of residents

We want it.

You can look at the Code for Philly projects page to get an idea of current and past projects.

What we’re not looking for

Code for Philly projects are open source and available to the public at no cost. We are non-partisan. Because of this, projects cannot help to endorse a candidate or promote one party over another.

Participants in last year's Civic Engagement Launchpad
Participants in last year's Civic Engagement Launchpad

If your project isn’t picked

It’s important to remember that Launchpad participants are volunteers. They’ll select projects to contribute to based on their interests and skills. Projects that don’t attract interest at this Launchpad will remain on our website for future inspiration and delivery.

Volunteers are generally attracted to projects that clearly describe the potential for change and impact. Plus, early exposure to your idea doesn’t hurt either!

Where to submit

You can access the Project Submission Form here.

Thanks in advance for submitting your ideas. We hope to see you at some or all of the Launchpad events.