The Civic Engagement Launchpad is a month-long community initiative to launch public, open source, and multi-disciplinary projects. Evolving from weekend hackathons, launchpads provide the resources, setting, and framework for teams and individuals who want to make a lasting positive impact. We welcome anyone who wants to engage with their fellow citizens and local government. The best teams bring together a diverse set of talents and experiences. Some of the best ideas come from those closest to the civic challenge - that means you!

What We’re Looking for in Projects

If your idea:

  • Increases civic engagement
  • Helps residents engage with local government or the democratic process
  • Uses data or technology to improve the lives of residents

We want it. You can submit your idea for a project for Launchpad here.


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Learn more about our month-long launchpads through this 2017 Technical.ly post

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Friday, April 27th


Kickoff Weekend - Brainstorming

An evening of brainstorming and discussion at the historic heart of our city. Bringing together Philadelphians from all over the city, coders and non-coders alike, we’ll put our heads together to create and discuss project ideas. Some of the best ideas come from those closest to the civic challenge - that means you!

Past projects have brought transparency to the people who influence elections, visualize election results, a site with specs on open offices and running requirements, and a site that visualizes the flow of campaign finance data.

Be inspired by a unique chance to gather within Philadelphia's modern-day heart of our local government; City Hall's Caucus Room.

All are welcome, but RSVPs are required.

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NOTE - The meetup.com Friday night event RSVP is separate from the overall month-long Launchpad participant registration. To register as a full participant, please find our Opening Saturday Ticketleap event.

Can't make it on Friday? Submit an idea or dataset suggestion for our Civic Engagement Launchpad here!

Saturday, April 28th


Kickoff Weekend - Work Day

At our Project Kickoff Day, teams organize around the ideas presented the night before. The day includes structured project design, opportunity discovery and team collaboration workshops - so projects new and returning can maximize their time, energy, and impact. We're very excited to again partner with the City of Philadelphia’s Innovation Management Corps to facilitate some of the Saturday and in-month workshops.

We use the Saturday Project Day Ticketleap event to track Launchpad project participants.

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Tuesday, May 22nd


Demo Night & Closing Ceremony

Time to celebrate a month of hard work. Teams will present on their experiences and progress. Expert panelists will provide feedback and idea. Light refreshments will be served.