An Open Trip Planner install loaded with transit data from SEPTA, NJ Transit, PATCO, Delaware First State, PATH, and NYC MTA, For the Greater Good (and also trip planning and transit accessibility analysis). Open Trip Planner can also route walking and bicycling trips.

Project Activity

Update #34

Our site works with the OpenTripPlanner Android app (available in the Play store). Just set the server address under 'Settings' to:

Update #29

I've posted a publicly available Amazon machine image of an OpenTripPlanner and Nominatim server, with data and a current graph build, along with scripts for its care and feeding, that covers the same areas as the current instance at Philly, NYC, NJ, and DE.
It's over here: Public AMI ami-11765d78 named "OpenTripPlanner Northeast" Owner 130332012311

Notes on its management in a Google doc, here:

Update #25

Now serving a Nominatim geocoder for PA, NJ, NY, and DE:

OpenTripPlanner's geocoder module is in place to use our Nominatim instance, but the web app doesn't know about it yet. Here's an example query:

Also, updated data for NJ TRANSIT and MTA.

Update #23

The PATCO data has been updated, and I've put the files and source code I used to build the GTFS on GitHub: