Balancer (formerly named "MedAssist") seeks to solve the problems created by the trial-and-error decision-making process that psychiatrists/medication prescribers and patients go through when choosing medications for bipolar disorder.

Currently, we are working out the details here:

If you're interested in getting involved, email or go to and introduce yourself in the #balancer channel. Kat Jost (@itskatnotcat) is the project lead.

More to come!

Project Activity

Update #1

We have found a Technical Lead for the project and are actively recruiting other volunteers, such as:

Technical folks

  • Data scientists
  • AI/ML, full-stack, and backend developers
  • UX researchers and designers

Non-technical folks

  • Researchers (no specific skills required) to gather bipolar-related content from the internet, such as clinical trial reports, to feed the AI
  • Psychiatrists/Medication Prescribers to be Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and help us get this thing right!
  • Anyone interested in mental health who thinks they could help

Please email or join the #medassist channel in the Code for Philly Slack to get involved.