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A LocalWiki for Philadelphia.

Why LocalWiki?

LocalWiki is a new open-source system for creating geographically-rooted wiki sites. Unlike MediaWiki, LocalWiki provides a visual editor for pages and represents every entry with both a page and a map.

Why Wikidelphia?

Wikipedia is a natural first-choice for a place to post Wiki-content, but Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia with a "notability requirement" designed to keep people restrict content to things interesting to a critical mass of people. By creating a wiki with a scope narrowed to Philadelphia, we don't need a notability requirement to keep the content manageable and can give small entities and hyperlocal content a place to be shared.

Isn't there already a Wikidelphia?

Wikidelphia.org is a relatively old site running MediaWiki, the same software powering Wikipedia. MediaWiki is a difficult system to manage though and had to be closed from public editing to subdue spammers. We hope that LocalWiki can replace MediaWiki and be harder to exploit, easier to manage, and attract more citizen contributors.

Where is it?

New LocalWiki staging URL: http://beta.wikidelphia.org Old MediaWiki live URL: http://wikidelphia.org

Our goal is to build a critical mass of content at the staging URL and then launch the LocalWiki to the live URL, replacing the existing but derelict MediaWiki-powered website.

Project Activity

Update #1

Here are a couple of action items I'd like to grind out:

Create a Compelling Story: "Why Should People Care?" - Pride - Value

"Who Benefits & How?" - Tourism & Hospitality - Local Govt - Retail - Citizens

"How Do they Get Involved?" - hackathon - social media - crowdsourcing

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