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-UX user profiles and journey-mapping -site architecture -content wireframe -front page -hero image -projects feed -"learn more/start hacking" button -creating a new profile -field for Twitter handle -opt-in to newsletters

  • Improve checkin/checkout workflow - DONE
  • Make checkins automatically expire after 3 hrs inactivity - DONE
  • Make updates editable by their author - DONE
  • Show tags on project details page
  • Create separate auto-complete fields when editing a project or member profile for tech and topic tags
  • Improve registration workflow
  • Implement "how to get started" workflow / flowchart
  • Global and in-project requests board
  • Restore rich markdown editor for project README
  • Implement member mentions in markdown
  • Somehow index mentions and send alerts?
  • On the "Mission" page, fix the browser tab title text so it reads "Mission" instead of "How to Help" - DONE
  • Improve member's ability to comment and collaborate on projects.
  • Provide a better incentive / way to have project owners link to their individual task lists / workflow board (ie Trello) on their respective project pages.
  • Give members a means to suggest, comment, and +1 new project ideas.

Consider enhancing the 'Register' page by adding content / context to: - Why they should register? - What will they "get" once they register? - Will I get spammed? Is there a periodic newsletter? - What if I just want to receive the newsletter? - Show the tags for a project on the project view page

Project Activity

Update #16

Here's a buggy input box. I changed the Read me because I thought it had't been updated since April 2014. But maybe it had! Just not touched as a project update.

Added the top items on the to-do list and cleared a couple of done items or items that I moved up.

Update #15

Code for Philly can now track buzz — articles published about our projects. Buzz will show up in the site-wide and project-specific activity feeds, as well as on the dedicated buzz page.

To log some buzz, open the buzz create page and select the relevant project, or click the "Log Buzz" button next to a project's activity feed header

Update #13

You can now edit and delete project updates after you've posted them!

No more posting follow-ups to correct mistakes and no more excuses for sloppy markdown ;-)

The project editing and update editing forms are both equipped with EpicEditor now for easier markdown editing and preview

Update #11

Hello to all Code for Philly People. Here are some mockups of a design for the Code for Philly logo. I would like feedback when able.

Update #10

Some great updates tonight!

@ryon55 cleaned up the CSS for the sidebars and activity on the home page, and gave the members page some much-needed love

I implemented the bootstrap-tagsinput widget on the edit profile page and edit project page so that you can tag yourself and your projects with tech:* and topic:* tags that link to the home page sidebar

Update #9

New homepage design launched! Now featuring project updates front-and-center, a tag-based directory for members and projects, and a new checkin system based on events and projects that you don't have to remember to check out of!

Update #8

Mockup up a new homepage concept:

Update #5

Project pages use a lot more bootstrap now — forms are hidden behind menu-accessible modals and everything has responsive grid layout + proper structures

Update #3

Some recent minor changes:

  • Created checkout-all tool for admins
  • Moved navbar source to unified site.tpl and cleaned up formatting
  • Checked-in people on homepage now have mouseover tooltips with their names
  • Homepage now features latest member, next meetup, and CfA pitch
  • Default avatar is liberty bell now

Update #1

New Features

  • Project updates
  • Staff can remove project members
  • Staff can reassign project maintainer
  • Home page uses main site template
  • Server-side markdown rendering