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Unlock Philly Update #12

We're trialling a new webapp that will help us crowdsource accessibility data about local places. We've been working with Austin Seraphin, a web accessibility consultant to ensure that our new app and questionnaire is completely accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

This weekend we're kicking off a week-long trial of the app and will be sharing the results.

You can find our data collection 'Map4Access' trial app here:- (Map4Access Trial App)

Posted on by James Tyack

PlantSwapr Update #2

Today I am grateful for Catherine Killebrew's awesome work in getting me started on the right path! She helped me download software to work with GitHub, Python, and Django for the back-end development of PlantSwapr. I'll be busy doing some basic tutorials to get started next week. It also seems the mock-ups right now will need to be revised based on PlantSwapr becoming a Web App instead of a Mobile App. Also, we will simplify the user experience by separating the services into separate windows. Progress!

Maybe this will be ready for next Fall, or even Spring!

Posted on by Matt Bennett

Open Access Philly website Update #20

One improvement we're working on is the way our upcoming convening is displayed on the home page. Currently it is an RSS feed from Eventbrite. The RSS feed uses the CDATA tag to retain HTML tags but when Wordpress interprets the RSS feed it strips all HTML tags.

My current thought is to publish Eventbrite to Google Calendar then add a Google Calendar widget in the Wordpress sidebar since they have better integration than Eventbrite. It's strange to me that the Eventbrite RSS feed has all of the event details in one block called <description>. If all they have are events then why doesn't their RSS feed have tags for <date>, <time>, <location>?

Posted on by Sarah Johnson

Open Access Philly website Update #19

Some minor updates to the website - linking the values on the [About]( "OpenAccessPHL: About") page to posts related to the values and making links [look like buttons]( "OpenAccessPHL: Suggest a Speaker") with some simple CSS (border radius and padding).

There are many other changes both big and small that are in the works… shifting elements on the home page, activating links in emails, converting blog posts about events to a calendar. Stay tuned!

Posted on by Sarah Johnson

Philly Bike Coalition Survey App Update #3

It's been way too long since I added an update.

In the past few months we have:

  • Developed working beta versions of the Android & iOS mobile survey native apps (HTML base - using Cordova)
  • Developed online registration / sign-up portal (where users will schedule their surveys)
  • Performed QA testing
  • Met multiple times with Bike Coalition Staff to solicit feedback, share progress, and setup beta testers

Upcoming we will:

  • Continue bug fixing
  • Continue beta user testing
  • Create assets, media, and content for launches inside App Stores (Could use assistance here! Email, if interested)

Posted on by Rich McMillen

SEPTA-RT Update #1

Initial commit made!

SEPTA-RT: Real-time map of SEPTA mobile App Users

Test version of the Android App forked at

iOS 8 … coming soon

Posted on by Lloyd Emelle

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