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SEPTA-RT Update #1

Initial commit made!

SEPTA-RT: Real-time map of SEPTA mobile App Users

Test version of the Android App forked at

iOS 8 … coming soon

Posted on by Lloyd Emelle

PATCO GTFS Update #2

  • Added shapes.txt with distances traveled between stops.
  • Added optional bikes_allowed column (bikes not allowed during rush hour).

Posted on by Kathryn Killebrew

Open Access Philly website Update #18

Invigorated by our monthly convening last week, Stacey and I looked at the data and made a plan for what to work on next.

  1. We fixed the broken link in the email. WYSISYG editor fail: the anchor tag in the email template was improperly nested. So we cleaned up the wording, formatting, and now you can actually click on the story title to go read about it! Plans are in place to analyze and improve the email format.

  2. User list import: we use Eventbrite for RSVPs, Wordpress for the site, and AWeber for our email list. But signing up for one does not mean you are automatically signed up for all. Stacey cross-referenced the lists and we added 378 new users from Eventbrite to our email list. The list that escapes us at the moment is how to get our +2k Twitter followers to get our email or show up to our convenings.

  3. Future plans: There is always work to be done on a website so we picked two things. Make the events page a calendar and make the next convening more prominent on the website. Time for our designers to help with the header image!

Suggestions and comments are always welcome so feel free to contact us info @

Posted on by Sarah Johnson

chorebox Update #1

Looking for someone who works with -cygwin- —- for the purpose of frequently testing this project on that platform, occasionally providing other technical readout information. I have concluded that if at all possible, this package should support -cygwin- —- as to write-off support for -cygwin- without seriously trying to support it would be most inconsistent with the project's philosophy.

Posted on by Sophia Shapira

Unlock Philly Update #11

Watch our project video to find out about accessibility challenges in Philly and what we're doing to help.

About Unlockphilly

Posted on by James Tyack

Clean Air Council's Open Climate Tracker Update #18

We are ready to start testing the prototype. We are going to make sure that the data is being sent to the SD card. We also just got a donation from TEC-IT of 10 GetBlue licenses so we can transfer information to Android.

GetBlue collects data from Bluetooth SPP, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera scanners automatically in the background. The captured data is forwarded to adjustable target devices, files, online spreadsheets or even injected into 3rd party applications. Bi-directional device communication is supported, manual communication functions for reading and writing data are available as well.

Learn more about GetBlue here: Follow TEC-IT on Twitter: Follow TEC-IT on Facebook:

Posted on by Barbara Donnini

After School Activities After School Activities Widget Now Available on Philly311 Mobile App

Last week, the Mayor’s Office of Communications announced the release of the Philly311 After School Activities widget. Born out of Philly311’s public widget contest, the idea for a youth programming widget came from Code for Philly Brigade Captain Chris Alfano. Chris Alfano won the widget contest, which led to a partnership between Philly311, Code for Philly, and the After School Activities Partnership (ASAP).

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Published on , shared by Chris Alfano on

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