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Latest Project Updates Update #15

Code for Philly can now track buzz — articles published about our projects. Buzz will show up in the site-wide and project-specific activity feeds, as well as on the dedicated buzz page.

To log some buzz, open the buzz create page and select the relevant project, or click the "Log Buzz" button next to a project's activity feed header

Posted on by Chris Alfano

uForage Philly Update #2

The basic idea behind this project is to make it easy for vendors to share their location with their customers, and for their customers to easily find them.

Posted on by Lloyd Emelle

Open Access Philly website Update #14

We have a new member! Welcome Ashley Chapokas, front end developer. She's going to work with our designers to make the site prettier and better. I spent the night setting up a proper WordPress development environment on our server.

Posted on by Sarah Johnson

Electronic Intern Update #2

A few days ago I pretty much finished this up. It calls a CSV list of phone numbers and plays the script provided by PhillyASAP. If the user presses one it forwards to the PhillyASAP office. If the user presses four it'll repeat the instructions.

Tonight we setup PhillyASAP's Twilio account so that we're ready to make live calls. In the meantime they're going to try to get the Mayor to record a few different versions of their script to play instead of Twilio's robot voice.

Looking to go live with this in June and see how it does!

Posted on by Dave Walk

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