Workshop Sessions give our experienced designers, developers or other tech-skilled members an opportunity to share their expertise in technologies and/or best practices that they have employed in their professional experience.  They can also involve concepts that members have found helpful in achieving success in their own projects.  

Our Goals

We want workshops to produce instant wins for our members in hopes that they become more engaged with the community while simultaneously providing a meaningful interaction for veteran members or partners. This means they should result in immediate, tangible and favorable outcomes while working with a useful technology or workflow, e.g. build a webpage, see it live; pull down a dataset and visualize it on a map; build a circuit on an arduino to make LEDs blink etc. This means every workshop session should result in something built, whether it be a website, map, database, visualization or piece of hardware

Here is an example of a workshop session.  

Workshop sessions also help new members get to know establish members or partner organizations in a welcoming and engaging environment.  Workshop session presentations should last no more than 45 minutes and allow at least 15-30 minutes for questions and new member help.  

We hope to host workshop sessions on the following topics:

  • GitHub workshop
  • Mapping workshop
  • Project Management workshop
  • Data Science/Analytics workshop
  • Communications/Marketing workshop
  • Clojure workshop
  • Tableaux workshop
  • Node.js/meteor/etc. workshop
  • UX workshop

Interested in leading a workshop?

If you are an experienced designer, developer or have other tech-related skills, we strongly encourage you to submit a request to host a workshop.

Email us the topic, experience level, duration, and any materials needed.