Code for Philly has access to some funds that were provided for a project that didn’t end up spending all of it - and the extra has been released to be used for other worthy projects. Which ones? Well, that’s what we’d like to know!

We’re inviting applications from people involved with projects that can benefit from some spending. For example, money might be spent on:

  • Promotion (ads, t-shirts, stickers, booth banners)
  • Hardware
  • …etc!

We’re now accepting applications for any amount from $1 to $2000. Some details and fine print:

  • Applications are open to any Code for Philly member.
  • You can apply for funding for any number of projects.
  • Coding & design work is generally expected to be on a volunteer basis at Code for Philly; these grants are intended to augment that work, not replace it. We’ll consider applications for money for those core functions but please be sure you’ve made a good-faith effort to seek volunteer help before doing so.
  • Applications are not guaranteed and may be approved in part or not at all.
  • Funding decisions are entirely at the discretion of Code for Philly staff.

Applications are due by August 23, 2015.

Grant winners will be announced by August 31, 2015.

Got it? Okay! You can apply here. If you have any questions, please talk to any of the staff at a Hack Night or contact us here.