Thank you!

Code for Philly has benefited from the support of many donors and community partners. Support has taken the form of financial support, event sponsorship, event hosting, in-kind food donations, and expertise.

Special Partners

We’d especially like to thank the organizations that are providing Code for Philly with significant, ongoing support.

Starting officially in October 2018, Code for Philly became Organizational Members of the Old City coworking community. Its become our Organizing Team’s defacto headquarters in addition to routinely hosting our hack nights.

Don’t forget, if you want to try spending a whole day at Indy Hall, Code for Philly members can save $10 off the normal day rate (aka $20 instead of $30) during the day before a Code for Philly event. To learn more and reserve your pass, visit


Esri Logo

Esri is a long-time support of the civic tech scene, both nationally and locally. This year, Code for Philly is particularly thankful for Esri’s ongoing support of Code for Philly’s weekend programming and 2019 Launchpad.


Code for Philly is thankful to recognize Linode as a multifaceted, local corporate supporter. The last few months Linode has routinely hosted Code for Philly weekly events—providing meeting space and refreshments in their Old City office. Moving forward, Linode is also helping Code for Philly projects with their hosting and infrastructure needs by offering employee volunteer support as well as hosting credits for our Civic Cloud initiative. Read more here

Recent Supporters

We’d also like to thank all recent Code for Philly sponsors.

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