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Code for Philly's "Launchpad" is a multi-event hackathon over the course of a month for project teams of multi-disciplinary volunteers to form and collaborate with community stakeholders and subject matter experts alike. Projects will investigate opportunities for civic progress and prototype new solutions using user-centered design, open data, and open source technology - known as Civic Tech.

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For 2019, we are taking Launchpad back to basics…. Phundamentals, if you may.

Project teams will explore civic tech solutions that help provide equitable access to Philly’s (re)defined set of basic needs. What are those 21st century basic needs? That’s up to us to decide! We’re starting a conversation around the resources and services that are necessary to thrive in Philadelphia today and forming project teams to improve access for Philadelphians.

The proposals around these shared needs, and the projects that form from them, should focus on anything that we collectively rely on. Can that include the big ones, like access to food, water, and shelter? Of course. Emergency services, digital access, and healthcare? Without a doubt. Personal well-being, education, and job opportunities - yes, yes, and yes! Are there more? Way more!

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Launchpad 2019 Project Teams

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About Launchpad 2019

Code for Philly's Launchpad 2019 is a month-long community initiative to launch public, open source, and multi-disciplinary projects. Evolving from weekend hackathons, Launchpad provides the resources, setting, and framework for diverse teams and individuals who want to make a positive impact. We welcome anyone who wants to engage with fellow citizens and local government. The best teams bring together a diverse set of talents and experiences.

A full description of Launchpad, including a schedule of events, sponsors, and eventually a project list, can be found here:—back_to_basics

About Code for Philly

All Code for Philly projects must be public servicing and not-for-profit. In addition, projects must use an open source or creative commons license - so that other volunteers can benefit from your efforts and keep the torch of civic engagement alive.

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All attendees are expected to follow the Code for Philly Code of Conduct; which can be found at the following link:

Photography Disclaimer

Photography and or video will be taken at this event. Code for Philly may use these images and or recordings in future publications or other media related material not limited to social media, websites, newspapers, brochures, television, etc. If you have questions or concerns please contact us at


  1. Friday, September 6th


    Friday Night Kick-off

    Join us for a night of project brainstorming at the City Council Caucus Room in City Hall!

  2. Saturday, September 7th


    Opening Work Day & Participant Ticket Info

    Join a team, pick a civic problem worth solving, get to work!

  3. Tuesday, September 10th

  4. Tuesday, September 17th

  5. Saturday, September 21st


    Launchpad Saturday Hack Day #2 / National Day of Civic Hacking!

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  6. Tuesday, September 24th

  7. Saturday, September 28th

  8. Tuesday, October 1st