SustyHack 2015 Overview

SustyHack Sessions

Max Zahniser

@MaxTZahniser @co_nexus

Cofounder, Sustainability Nexus

Max is a long-standing figure in the sustainability community in Philadelphia. Trained as an architect at Drexel University and a LEED fellow, Max is an advanced practitioner is sustainable approaches to green building. Beyond practice, Max is a a bold theorist who pushes the status quo of what can be achieved in making cities and world more sustainable. As the keynote for the unconference, Max will set the tone for the weekend event by articulating exactly how we define sustainability in the 21st century.

Unconference Keynote
Unconference Keynote

Jason Cox

@jasocox @MyMilkcrateApp

CTO and Co-founder, My MilkCrate

Jason is a talented technologist dedicated to the environment and making sustainability easy to adopt. He’s dedicated the last two years of his professional career to developing a “Yelp” for sustainable businesses called MyMilkCrate so that people can make better choices about their purchases. Since then the mobile app has expanded to several other cities and offers much more than the standard directory. Having started his journey with MyMilkCrate at Code for Philly, Jason will speak to the interesting intersection that is tech and sustainability and why we need more people in it.

Hackathon Keynote
Hackathon Keynote

Dee Nicholas

@mouthoflowers @biophilicalgae

Assistant Professor, Drexel University

Sarah Johnson

@johnsons531 @TechGirlzorg

Community Outreach Manager, Tech Girlz

Sarah places a priority on sharing knowledge with others, especially the future generation of technologists. She currently works as the community outreach manager at TechGirlz, engaging the community in Philly and beyond to teach tech to middle school girls through hands-on workshops. Outside of work, Sarah teaches Girl Develop It classes, organizes the Women in Tech Summit, and contributes to civic tech projects at Code for Philly

Sylvester Mobley


Executive Director, Coded by Kids

Mardi Ditze


Energy Analyst, Energy Office, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Mardi Ditze is the Senior Energy Analyst in the City of Philadelphia’s Energy Office. She assists in many projects to ensure City energy reductions, energy savings, community engagement, energy portfolio performance, and project completion. She looks for opportunities to share information in new and inspiring ways in an effort to highlight energy consumption’s correlation to behavior and the environment.

Amanda Byrne


Energy Analyst, Energy Office, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Amanda Byrne is an Energy Analyst in the City of Philadelphia’s Energy Office. In the Energy Office she co-leads administration of the City’s energy management database, provides feedback to building operators on opportunities to improve energy performance, benchmarks energy performance in City-owned buildings, helps measure and verify energy-saving projects, and coordinates the City’s Better Buildings Challenge partnership.

Becky Collins

@septa_social @rebeccacollins

As the current Strategy and Sustainability Planner at SEPTA, Becky develops programs that integrate sustainable best practices into SEPTA’s infrastructure and operations. One such effort is the development of SEPTA’s Bike Action Plan which focuses on current bicycle policy and infrastructure and potential improvements that will support cycle-transit users and grow ridership.

Strategy and Sustainability Planner, SEPTA

Abby Sullivan


Outreach Specialist, Philadelphia Water Department

Matthew Fritch


Environmental Engineer,, Philadelphia Water Department

Anna Shipp


Project Manager, Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners

Ema Yamamoto


Asset Manager, Philadelphia Streets Department

Nick Rogers


Sustainable Transportation Program Director, Clean Air Council

Karl Koerner


Engineering and Technical Coordinator, Clean Air Council

Lindsay Bushong


Sustainability Associate, Forsei Consulting/My MilkCrate

Lindsay has completed research with Urban Tree Connection, established a campus CSA with Philly Foodworks and organized community outreach initiatives with the Water Department’s ‘Green Cities, Clean Waters’ Program. Currently, Lindsay is head of Business Relations and Partnerships with My MilkCrate and assists in policy creation for Forsei Consulting. She hopes to help make cities more sustainable, healthier places for all people to thrive.

Megan Garner


Sustainability Program Manager, Office of Environmental Management & Services, School District of Philadelphia