Attracting Interest

  • Ensure your project page is current, clear, and succinct
  • Showcase all progress on by using the project update feature - both big and small - so volunteers can see you’re actively working.
    • pro-tip: the most recent project updates get listed on the home page!
  • Clearly articulated needs for additional project volunteers on either and/or Github (can be task, issue, or role based)
    • Pro-tip - If you don’t know what you need, start by asking for a technical adviser volunteer who can recommend what help you should seek!
  • Attend our Hack Nights and Open House Events - meet the community, tell your story, ask for advice and encourage others to pitch in
  • Follow a script! … “Hi, my name is X. I’m working on the Launchpad 2018 project called ______. We’re looking to deliver ______ so that we deliver ____ change to the world____. We need help with ____ to help make the project a reality.”
  • Keep an eye on slack for new volunteers. The #general, #community, #projects_help_wanted, and #codeforphilly101 channels are the best places to watch and post.


  • Your project’s README file (ideally on both GitHub and should include self-service friendly setup directions
  • You should also link to your public ‘project backlog’ that describes what you’re working on now and what needs tackled next.
    • A few digital task management tools to consider: (eg Github issues, Github projects, Waffle board, Trello, etc)
  • Show new volunteers empathy - getting started can be the most painful part of volunteering
  • Let new volunteers get started on a few “low hanging fruit” tasks so they become familiar with the project


  • Be clear about where, when, and how your team will communicate (eg virtual vs in-person meetings, hybrid, slack, google hangouts, etc)
  • Make all work (current and future) visible and browsable. Volunteers can only work on issues they can read, comprehend and identify how it helps the broader mission