Written by Ashley Bernard, osmp2015 program coordinator

osmp2015 is in need of a logo and is looking to the community for help!

Not familiar?

A bit about the program: the Open Source Mentorship Program is a collaboration between Girl Develop It Philly and Code for Philly which aims to bring mentors and mentees together to cultivate learning and leadership in the civic tech community.

Learn more about osmp2015! View dispatches from our past sessions -#osmp2015!

Contest Details:

Open to anyone up for the challenge

Deadline: 11:59pm on August 1, 2015


Send directly to the osmp program coordinators:

Ashley Bernard, GDIPhilly

Maggie Deptola, Code for Philly

The winner will receive fame throughout the osmp community, swag featuring their winning design, and our undying gratitude

Questions/comments? Don’t hesitate with those either. Looking forward to seeing what awesome logos you guys create!