Do you want to know if your team is on track? The Code for Philly team has put together a quick list of accomplishments we recommend completing before your team leaves on Saturday.

Have questions or ideas? Just ask any Code for Philly team member!

  • Team Collaboration -
    • Setup comms tools (team specific slack channel, share email addresses, etc)
    • Discuss how and when you want to meet? At our hack nights? On the weekends? In person or via google hangouts or skype?
  • Project Admin
  • Project Mission & Intent
    • Did we update our code for philly project page and github readme with…. *high level idea and project description (eg ‘What change do you want to deliver, why?
    • current solution with what change you want to deliver? (aka sense of goal)
  • Game Plan for the next week?
    • Documented what what you know or don’t know about your problem space (including stakeholders)
    • Ideas / action plan for how you can validate your assumptions
    • Break down big goals into tasks you can do in the next week?