The pandemic has affected our global community in unimaginable ways. Many effects are yet to be revealed. In response, and in attempt to gauge the impact on the workforce, we are working with the City of Philadelphia to conduct an impact analysis and make a report public to inform future policymaking, as well as help people get jobs.

Project Activity

Update #3

The City's Office of Workforce Development has been officially shuttered as part of their new budget, which de-prioritized the economic stability of our city and especially that of its most vulnerable citizens. I am taking this project in-house at Key Medium as part of our Coding For Causes program so as to morph into a self-help tool and will post more about it once something is ready to see. It will replace the website and we already have some amazing community partner nonprofits onboard that will help us address the challenges of those most vulnerable.

It's quite sad that the City has mostly turned their backs and chose to prioritize continuing the immense spending on police budget. Not just that—they chose the continuation of the 10-year tax abatement which is taking some hundreds of millions of prospective taxes away from communities and people who need it the most, gentrifying the whole city, and have proved to be quite a terrible policy in comparison to more nimble cities like Pittsburgh, which didn't de-prioritize it's people but rather doubled-down on them. Kudos to the city for their massive decrease in the wage tax base during COVID and the inability to collect property tax for a decade due to inaffective property tax policy, to say the least.

Update #2

Back to the drawing board/prototyping— we are continuing to help Philadelphians connect with the 20K or so vacant jobs. Companies are still hiring, and people are still unemployed. Not just that—the opportunity to upskill is more important than ever.