There’s an overwhelming issue in homecare nursing that jeopardizes the safety of many people in need and that is there’s no accountability, and it’s only getting worse because of COVID-19. Nurses and agencies get away with murder, sometimes literally, but more often just abuse and theft of their clients [patients/consumers], which is still not ok… I’m hoping to build a passionate and caring team of web developers [and at least one with web accessibility development experience] to help me develop a tool to allow communication between clients and help them find the care they deserve.

I have a grand vision for all the website could do, transforming the foundation of what disability means, but I’d like to start simple:

I’d like to build a client only access forum with a map, rating system, and a comprehensive search engine.

I am a person with 24/7 skilled nursing; I’m an artist and only kinda navigate WordPress, so I need help to make this vision come true.

Would you like to help save people with disabilities from abuse?

P.S. Here’s an excerpt from a real email I had to send, and it shows a prime example of how bad things are for clients: feel free to comment and send support!

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