PHILLY TRUCE: Mediation, Referral and Peace Patrol (or Street Outreach) are the primary services we provide.

The goal of the PhillyTRUCE app is to empower the local community to take action against gun violence. It currently relies on a two-way communication stream with users using the app to raise flags and volunteers responding to said flags. Currently, PhillyTRUCE’s highest priority is to build a strong network of volunteers so that when people in the community seek help, they trust they will get a prompt and professional response.

If you would like to join our journey to reduce shootings and see ZERO HOMICIDES NOW. Please let us know how you would like to use your time, talent and treasure to make this reality.,

Project Activity

Update #1

First full meeting last night (1/10/2023) at C4P Formed two teams: Feature Development and Analytics/CRM/Security. Next meeting 6pm 1/17/2023 via zoom.