The Idea:

Megalithic Timeline is an open-source project I wanted to build in order to convey a better history of human made megalithic structures throughout history. I've been fascinated with uncovering the anthropology of the people who built these unbelievable monuments which have withheld the test of time and forces of nature to tell us about our past.

Build Goal:

My goal with this project is to help bring together people who are interested in discovery history through coding together to build dynamic apps to help convey this history to broader audiences. This Tool will be developed using the Neo4j virtual graph database & companion Cypher graph query language.

Trello Board: Board

Project Activity

Update #1

First Meetup Next Wednesday Jan 18th, 6-8PM



We will be meeting @ 399 Market St - Suite 360 Philadelphia PA , in the Art Gallery of Indy Hall’s Co-working Space on the 3rd floor of the Colonial Penn building which is on the corner of Market st. and 4th.

Front Doors Lock @ 7:00PM< Call or text > (267) 393-0910 and someone will be down to let you in.

Event: There will be food and drinks provided by our sponsors for the event. ~Pizza ~Beer ~Snacks & More