Supporting Schools Through Tech

We envision a world where every school has access to the resources they need to provide a nurturing and effective educational environment.

Our platform allows schools to post their needed supplies, contributions, or volunteers for events connecting them with warm-hearted individuals and organizations eager to make a difference. Whether you're a school in need or a benefactor, GiveSchools is here to foster meaningful connections and help cultivate the fertile grounds of education.

Project Activity

Update #2

School outreach is underway!

Backend development has been fully completed! And the project is ready for production with some minor updates! - Add CORS for CD/CI pipeline - Update custom URL via Cloudflare - Add metadata to HTML for crawlers

While these final updates are being implemented, outreach to schools has begun!

If you want to help out with outreach, reach out to us via

Update #1

Project development is beginning!

We plan on using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap for the front end, Cloudflare Pages for CDN edge delivery, Cloudflare D1 database for back-end data stores, and Cloudflare R2 for image and file storage!

We are excited for the initial designs to start coming to fruition and can't wait to share our progress with the community in the coming weeks!

If your interested in contributing, reach out to us via