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300+ Community Gardens in Philly. 1000s across the country. Lets make them awesome!

'GardenHub' is a web-based app to make it easier to track—and communicate—what's growing/ripening in the various plots of community gardens, so we can better manage our PHS City Harvest food donations, as well as collect data on community garden efficacy.

The Vision

• help community gardens funnel more healthy, local food to people who need it;

• help people in transition secure meaningful work; and • help optimize the promise of the existing Pennsylvania Horticultural Society City Harvest program in making immediate and productive use of both our City Harvest garden plots' harvests, as well as the shareable produce of gardeners' individual garden plots.

Further details to come. This project is currently in the commenting, ideation, and scoping phase.

Project Activity

Update #1

GardenHub is well under development. The UI has been worked out - 80%. The backend is 50%. Grant/fundraising is underway. The Dept of Parks & Recreation is on-board with a 20 garden test/pilot.

This project could use an experienced front-end developer to split the workload, who can help smooth out the UI/UX in the responsive/mobile view, design improvements, dynamic UI features, and more.

This project is moving at a quick pace, so if interested you'll have to be willing to put in time to help me have it ready by spring….which is when the community gardens kick off their season.