Research, and common sense, indicate that early childhood is a pivotal time for creating the foundation for success in future learning. Did you know that only 7% of early childhood education centers in the city are considered "high quality" by the state's Keystone STARS rating system? And, consequentially, that only a small fraction of Philadelphia's children have access to an quality early childhood education setting?

This mapping project is a tool that will be used to reveal to City Council the state of early childhood education in each district, as part of an effort to mobilize resources to expand access to quality slots. We also hope to develop this map as a resource for parents seeking information on early childhood education centers, providing information on the location and quality ratings of programs.

Philadelphia for Early Childhood Education - P.E.C.E. - is a collaboration of parents, grandparents, teachers, providers and advocacy groups. Our purpose is to organize the community to work with public institutions to support increasing resources to quality early childhood education for all of Philadelphia’s children.

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