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App Image: Carpe Noctem (Picture of a Wolf Howling at the Moon)

Goal: Make it the for Parties and Events within Philadelphia, PA.

Google Maps: Google Maps can be used to pin point the parties by the day that they occur. There should be a filter on the map that allows you to show only the day, the week, or the whole month, and filter via neighborhood.

Nightlife is a mobile app and web app for partying in Philadelphia, PA.

Ideas for Night Life Website: -Businesses in Philadelphia create a profile and add all of their single and recoccuring events.

Ideas for Night Life Mobile: -Users create a profile and upload events. -Must have a picture of where the event is occuring. -Must have a readable address. -Must have a contact number or e-mail address.

Adding Event Information:

*Type of Party: -House Party -Sex Party -Gaming Party -Bar -Restaurant -Club -Club, Restaurant, and Bar -Club, Bar

*Age Restrictions such as 18+ or 21+

*Style Dress Code: Jeans and a T-Shirts, Formal Dress Attire, Pajamas, Punk Attire, Leather, Bathing Suit (Add a field called "Other Dress Code", and have it be a conditional radio button that prompts a 200 character text book)

*Connect / Integrate with Facebook Logon

*Integrate with Google Calendar / Microsoft Outook file formats.

*Add a neighborhood section to filter by certain areas of the city.

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