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Westside Surf and Street is a Locally Owned Surf Shop in Grey mouth, West Coast of New Zealand. We have a mix of Surf, Skate Street wear clothing and many more. Westside has an amazing range of clothing accessories and hardware. Everything for surfing, skating, out on the beach or out in town. Westside Surf and Street is the very best of New Zealand streetwear. Accessorize your look with chic accessories that are made to be comfortable and stylish. Kiwi street style is personified by Home Lee NZ, which offers a blend of urban and beach aesthetics. Discover our wide selection, which includes essential pieces like Santa Cruz socks that will enhance your uniqueness at every turn. Our selection accommodates any activity, whether you're riding the surf or the streets. Our conveniently located surf shop in NZ is the place to go if you're looking for high-end streetwear and surf supplies. Westside Surf and Street invites you to experience the genuine culture and carefree way of life of New Zealand. Come see us today to add the best NZ streetwear to your collection. https://westsidesurf.co.nz/

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