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Code for Philly is a volunteer-run civic tech nonprofit organization that aligns volunteer technologists with projects to better the city of Philadelphia. Read our full mission here. We are hosting our 2023 Launchpad this spring to brainstorm and kick off new civic tech projects!

Code for Philly's "Launchpad" is a multi-event hackathon over the course of a month for project teams of multi-disciplinary volunteers to form and collaborate with community stakeholders and subject matter experts alike. Projects will investigate opportunities for civic progress and prototype new solutions using user-centered design, open data, and open source technology - known as Civic Tech.

In our opening weekend, we'll be brainstorming ideas for projects on Friday 3/31 and forming project teams on Saturday 4/1. Both days will have speakers, and there will be workshops on Saturday as well. Then, for about a month, the project teams will work together to make progress on their projects. We will have virtual and in-person Hack Nights weekly between kickoff weekend and demo night. On Wednesday 5/10, project teams will demo their progress on our closing night.


This year's theme is "third places." Third places can be physical or digital spaces where we socialize with people outside of work and the home.

Examples of third places include:

  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Bookstores
  • Community spaces

Examples of potential projects might look like:

  • Volunteer management software
  • Software that enables an organization create and manage community events
  • Tools for cross-community communication
  • Virtual spaces that can supplement physical spaces
  • Data inventory of existing spaces and ways to help people discover them

Who is this for?

The Launchpad is for anyone interested in supporting local "third places" or interested in participating in making positive change in Philadelphia in general.

Advanced tech skills not required! We welcome newbies, career changers, and anyone with an interest in tech. Working on a Code for Philly project is a great way to boost your career.

In fact, tech skills are not required at all! We need plenty of "non-technical technologists," such as project managers, product managers, and UX folks, as well as a variety of other volunteers including social media mavens, community organizers, copy writers, and folks who can help with anything from outreach to data entry to testing.

All ages, backgrounds, and skill sets are welcome. Everyone's unique perspectives and insights are valued, and no ideas are bad ideas. To participate, you must abide by our Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

Get your tickets!

Timeline: 3/31-5/10

RSVP and get your tickets here: Launchpad Tickets

This event is run by the Code for Philly volunteer Leadership Team. Read about us here!

Note: If you have any issues getting to either of the venues or if you have other concerns/questions about the event, you can message Co-Director Kat Jost or Events Lead Kio Polson on Code for Philly's Slack, or you can send a text message to 215-720-1292 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Friday, March 31st


    Friday Night Kickoff

    Join us for a night of project brainstorming at the City Council Caucus Room in City Hall! Click above for more info.

  2. Saturday, April 1st


    Opening Work Day

    Join a team, pick a civic problem worth solving, get to work! Click above for more info.

  3. Tuesday, April 4th


    Weekly Hack Nights 4/4 - 5/9

    Five nights of optional chances for project teams to meet virtually or in-person to hack on their projects together! Click the link above for the full schedule.

  4. Wednesday, May 10th