Code for Philly is excited to announce that we’re now officially Indy Hall members!

This is a move that, in hindsight, we’re surprised didn’t occur to us sooner. Code for Philly and Indy Hall have always shared interests, cultural values, and community members. Both Indy Hall and Code for Philly exist to see Philadelphia prosper through positive, collective, community-centered action.

Not many talk about community organizing when talking about civic tech, but without community organizing, without outreach, without relationships, Code for Philly would have screeched to a halt a long time ago.

There’s a quote on Indy Hall’s website that just as easily could exist on Code for Philly’s site:

“That’s what you’ll find at the heart of Indy Hall: great people building authentic and meaningful connections while doing their best work together.”

That’s the heart of civic tech: community. No project would ever be able to get off the ground if it didn’t benefit from collective support, and volunteer effort from people who care.

What makes Code for Philly thrive, and not just survive, is being able to connect like-minded people with differing skill sets together to pursue progress via civic projects. We’ve found that same desire to bring people together in the people who call Indy Hall home. Together, we know that big changes start with a series of many smaller actions.

What our new membership means for Code for Philly

As some community members know, Indy Hall has been our pseudo “headquarters” for a little while now, but with this agreement, that HQ status really becomes true.

Going forward, Code for Philly will now be able to offer…

  • A place we can call home. We will still continue to host events throughout the city - in fact, it was important to the Indy Hall team that we don’t limit our presence to walls. But Indy Hall’s old city home will be a place where we can feel comfortable working together, a consistent and well-suited location for events geared towards collaboration (e.g. especially project hack nights).

  • More reach into the local community. Indy Hall’s community is now OUR extended community, and that includes hundreds of people from a wide range of skills, disciplines, and backgrounds. We’re actively looking for collaboration and networking opportunities with the wider Indy Hall network, and encourage you to share ideas.

  • Discounted guest passes at Indy Hall! If you can choose where you work and want to try spending a whole day at Indy Hall, Code for Philly members can save $10 off the normal day rate (aka $20 instead of $30) during the day before a Code for Philly event. To learn more and reserve your pass, visit

Our organization becoming members of Indy Hall will benefit the entire Code for Philly community in so many ways, but this move also reinforces that when it comes to creating and implementing civic outreach, engagement, and change, no one can or should have to work alone.

And that’s really what’s at the heart of the Indy Hall community, too. Nobody does their best work in total isolation. We’re better when we know each other, when we show up for each other, when we work together.