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Top 5 ESA Birds That Can Help You Alleviate Stress

Do you know that a bird can also serve as an emotional support animal? A common perception is that only usual pets like cats, dogs, or rabbits etc. can only play the role of an emotional support provider. If you think similarly, it is time to change your perspective. Many bird species are now emerging as great emotional support providers due to their calming yet chirpy and loving nature. To your surprise, they are even getting popular among individuals who seek emotional support through pets.

In this article I will help you in identifying five ESA Letter birds that can help you alleviate stress or deal with stressful situations with ease.

Almost every individual faces stress in their daily life in one way or another. Whether you are a college going student who has to constantly deal with the stress of college assignments and exams, or a person working in the corporate sector and bearing the everyday stress of meeting the boss’s expectations, you can always rely on your ESA bird for alleviating stress and flowing through the sea of demanding situations with ease.

Before we jump onto the specific birds that you can acquire as an ESA pet, let's first figure out the basic process of legitimately keeping them with you at all times. Irrespective of the type of pet that you intend to keep for emotional support, you always need an ESA letter issued by a licensed mental health expert to make yourself eligible for keeping a pet for emotional support. Without this letter, you cannot carry your pet with you in “no pets allowed’ places or keep it in your house without the authorization of your landlord.

Now, let’s dive into the ESA birds that you can keep for stress relieving purposes.

5 ESA Birds to Alleviate Stress

Birds are a great source of relieving stress and anxiety and lifting up the mood. However, not all birds can meet your expectations of alleviating stress as some of them are for different emotional support purposes like easing your state of depression or helping you with ADHD.

The five ESA birds that you can always rely on for alleviating stress are as follows.

  1. ## Parakeet

A parakeet is a specie of parrots that includes 115 different types of small to medium sized grain-eating parrots. All of them come in very vibrant colors and they love to talk. If you are in the presence of a parakeet, you would never experience an awkward phase of silence. It is because a parakeet loves to talk and keep the owner’s mood chirpy with their lively vocalization.

Thus, being in the presence of a parakeet greatly helps in relieving stress and lifting up your mood. If you’re thinking of a bird to keep as an ESA, a parakeet is a good option that you can take. All you need is an emotional support animal letter, and these little furry species will be at your convenience all the time to lift up your mood. So, wait no more and get your letter now!

  1. ## Cockatiel

Cockatiel is another specie of parrots who are relatively bigger than parakeets. They classify as parrots due to their curved beaks and zygodactyl feet. They are not talkative like parakeets or other classes of parrots but the factor which makes them qualify as stress-relieving ESA birds is their love for signing. They can easily lift your mood or bring you out of your stressful thoughts with their sweet and soothing voice.

  1. ## Dove

Doves are known for their positive vibes and gentle nature. If you have ever been in the presence of this bird, you'd have probably experienced the positive energy they emit. If you keep a dove around you as a realesaletter pet through an ESA letter for housing, you'll certainly feel a good change in your mood. Although they are not as loud and chirpy as other birds, their gentle and calm nature is what soothes your mind during chaotic times. 4. ## Peacock

You would be wondering how you could keep a peacock as an ESA pet and you're absolutely right to think about this, but you might not know that the peacocks that we normally see in zoos and parks are not the ones that we keep as pets. There is a breed of peacocks that is kept as a pet and they are extremely helpful for individuals who constantly suffer from stressful situations. Not only this bird provides you companionship during stressfulness but also keeps you entertained with its antics and unique nature. Peacocks are known for their dancing traits and ability to calm the nerves of their owner.

If you're doubtful of their soothing nature, only experiencing it for yourself may dispel your worries. So, why put it off? Get an ESA peacock today and discover how it may help you relax in stressful circumstances.

  1. ## Chicken

An ESA chicken may sound weird to you, but you'd be amazed by their loving and understanding nature. Chickens do not easily build friendly relationships with their owner but once they open up, they are extremely friendly and loving.

If you ask me what makes me love chicken, I would say the way it cares for and protects its chicks. Now, if their caring and protective nature doesn't help you relax and feel more at ease, what will?

Hopefully this guide will help you decide which bird you want to keep for emotional support.

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