Committee of 70: Philly Ward Leader Baseball Cards

About the project.

At Code for Philly’s first signature hackathon, Apps for Philly Democracy 2015, technologists and topical experts came together to think creatively about technical solutions for improving the democratic system. Over the course of the weekend there were several new ideas and a few projects that made it to a prototype, including Philly Ward Leader Baseball Cards.

The project came from the need for more transparency in the Philadelphia political system. Ward leaders are influential, but often unknown, actors who are largely responsible for getting officials elected. Ward leaders provide endorsements to local districts, even though most residents couldn’t tell you who their ward leader is. This site shines a light on Philly ward leaders and provides greater transparency in the voting process.

About Committee of 70.

The Committee of Seventy is a non-partisan advocate for better government based in Philadelphia that works to achieve clean and effective government, fair elections and informed citizens. Seventy has avidly supported the work of Code for Philly and continues to elevate civic tech in their commitment to maintain the Philly Ward Leader Baseball Card website, currently the best online resource on the obscure but powerful ward system.

Get involved.

Want to be part of making Philly politics more inclusive and transparent? Committee of Seventy is looking for volunteers to help maintain the technical piece of the project. Keeping up to speed provides a vital service for those working to open up the ward system and involve their neighbors in the political process.

Skills required

  • Git

  • Experience using a Javascript framework (ideally Backbone)

Time commitment

General availability for maintenance (2-3 hours/month)

Ready to learn more? Contact Pat Christmas at the Committee of 70.