Upcoming Hackathons:

Plans for the upcoming Apps for Democracy are coming along nicely, but we still can use your help. We’re looking to get connected to sponsors as well as partners who can provide data sets, problem statements, and content experts. Even if you just spread the word to get people to attend it’s a great help. Keep an eye out too for more details coming up about Apps for Philly Health in early May and the Transportation Hackathon in June. Volunteers always welcome! Contact Chris Alfano at calfano@codeforamerica.org or Dawn McDougall at de@dawnmcdougall.com

Looking for Impact Stories:

Keep em coming, because we know there are even more awesome stories out there from our civic hackers. We have an impressive civic tech scene. Just about anyone here would argue that we’re the best in the country—whether it’s true or not because, after all, we’re from Philly. With that passion and pride is a story. How did you get involved with the civic tech community? How did life change after that? Our friends at Open Access Philly want to hear and share your “impact story” to inspire even more great work in the civic tech sphere. Share a brief story with OAP by emailing Yuriy at yuriy.porytko@live.com

Want to do More at Code for Philly?

Sure, you enjoy coming to the weekly hack nights, who doesn’t? But maybe you think Code for Philly is pretty much the bees knees and want to get more involved. Neato, because we think you’re pretty swell too. Any way you want to help we want to hear it. Whether it’s writing a blog post here or there, leading issue-based discussions during the hack night, organizing refreshments outside of the pizza food group, or a new idea you want to try out. Feel free to find an organizer at the next meetup or get in touch through the contact feature.