Upcoming Hacks

Some of the best Code for Philly projects were born out of hackathons. Getting back to basics, we’re organizing a number of hackathons that touch on some Philly’s most pressing issue. On the weekend of February 27th-March 01 our Transportation hackathon aims to re-think transportation in the city as well as the region. Where can code/tech improve current modes of transportation? Better transportation can translate into economic development, increased quality of life, and an overall safer, people-centered city. There are lots of ways you can help make this hackathon a success. Please reach out if you know of organizations that would be a good fit for partnering or interested in sponsoring, spaces that could host, or if you have other ideas for getting involved. Contact Chris Alfano calfano@codeforamerica.org.

Need more from the month of February? Philly Codefest will be a marathon of fun the 20th-22nd hosted by Drexel University. The two-day coding competition puts entrepreneurs and technologists in collaboration to make big ideas into real-world solutions. More details and registration info here.

Mentor + Science = Coolest Volunteer Title

If you’re looking to put “scienteer” on your resume, we know a place. IPraxis is in search of mentors to guide 8th graders on a 10-week coding project. Students create a text-based adventure game to learn principles of programming. The projects will take place at Henry C. Lea Elementary school in West Philadelphia (47th and Locust) from 1-1:45 pm starting January 29th and ending April 9th. You can find more specific details on their website, or you can directly contact Program Director Meagan Hopkins-Doerr by phone or email: 215-966-6253; Meagan@ipraxis.org.

CfP/OAP Impact Stories

Do you remember the first time you came to an Open Access talk or started on a project at a weekly Code for Philly meetup? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you found a group of people equally excited about changing the world (or at least Philly) with the power of information. Hopefully if this was your case you still feel this way, and maybe you have an even deeper experience of transformation. Life-changing or incidental, OAP wants to hear your Impact Story info@openaccessphilly.com.