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We're part of a national alliance of community organizers, developers, and designers that are putting technology to work in service of our local communities. We believe that government can work, for the people, by the people, in the digital age, if we all help.

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We’re working with Penn Medicine to make CHIME a redeployable, reusable open source tool as quickly as we can!

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Latest Project Activity

Marieke Jackson (Administrator) CHIME: COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics Update #4

CHIME 2.0 kickoff!

Due to the model's diminishing returns as the epidemic progresses, the app is going to undergo some model and platform updates so it can continue to be a resource for decision makers!

The next iteration of CHIME development will move to

  1. Make the model it's own package so development of the model happens independently from the platform

  2. Move platform to tech that allows user to import csv

  3. Update model to use better methods of estimating parameters

We're looking for python developers with data modeling (especially Bayesian methods) experience or Dash experience!

Ali Jaffar  Workforce Impact Analysis Update #2

Back to the drawing board/prototyping— we are continuing to help Philadelphians connect with the 20K or so vacant jobs. Companies are still hiring, and people are still unemployed. Not just that—the opportunity to upskill is more important than ever.

Ali Jaffar  Philly Food Finder Buzz

Inspiring Stories from our Business Community

Thousands of people are finding food, especially Senior Citizens and families, on

Alongside this effort, Key Medium also supports various nonprofits & the Government—which got us featured alongside Verizon and others for our Coding for Causes x CfP projects.

See our analytics (feel free to select March 23, when we redesigned, in the top right—and yes this is the lowest bounce rate we’ve ever seen, too):

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